Женская доминанта в управлении Европой

German journalist Gabor Steingart thought that soon the concept of “the weaker sex” in politics will undergo dramatic changes. To it will soon include not women, and the male half of humanity.

Germany is a striking example. Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen was appointed Chairman of the European Commission. She was replaced by a substitute -Annegret Kramp-of Karrenbauer going to continue to preside in the CDU. Chancellor of Germany continues to be Angela Merkel.

The journalist begins to doubt that male politicians will be able to compete with the ladies who have enough willpower, determination and desire to cope with their duties, albeit increased. Thus, the new defense Minister believes that the German military will not be a problem for her and will not interfere with the duties of the Chairman at the headquarters of the CDU. Share these two office she refuses.

Ambition Frau admires and, most importantly, no surprise. European women in the twenty-first century hold senior positions in the European Central Bank, the European Commission and a number of other international organizations. Men are pushed on all fronts. In Germany, by the way, already thinking about who will take the post of Chancellor after Merkel’s departure?

Yet the CDU/CSU has to accept two candidates – Armin Lacheta and Friedrich Merz. The first embodies the hope for consensus, harmony and unity in German society. The second has high ratings, but is prone to populism. Only last year Lachette demanded proof of Russia’s guilt in poisoning a British intelligence agent, destroying the anti-Russian consensus. It is unlikely that he will forgive this blunder. As for Mertz, he is a supporter of anti-Russian sanctions and a critic of Merkel. His fiercely hate the CDU coalition partners – the SPD and the “left”.

The positions of male politicians are weak. The female is still in question

It is worth noting that for Russia the appointment of Ursula von der Leyen head of the EC – good news. Too it is sharp and Russophobic. Von der Leyen considers Russia a threat to the security and freedom of Europe, calling for an increase in the defense budget and approving a preventive strike on Russian territory. To be more precise, she said that Russia can be brought to its knees if you put a point tactical nuclear strikes on Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major cities.

Aggressiveness, determination, rigidity in decision-making and ambition have always been characteristic of men, not women. Yes, Europe has changed. The era of equality is beginning to lean towards female dominance in areas that previously ladies were not allowed.

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