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Classical military science set and solved the problem of creating chaos in such a “frontal”, linear way. Meanwhile, since the 70s of the twentieth century in the turnover of military strategizing begin to enter the idea of nonlinear theory of complex systems. These ideas put forward by non-linear thermodynamics, catastrophe theory, synergetics, the theory of fractals, theory of nonequilibrium self-organization, etc., is sometimes United under the General cap “on non-linear science of complexity”, or “the science of chaos.”

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I studied at the Moscow state University, we had a military Department. In an atmosphere of secrecy, we were taught combat special propaganda-the art of sowing discord in the ranks of the enemy with the help of misinformation and manipulation of consciousness. Terrible, I will report to you, business. Joking apart. Military, or” black ” propaganda allows any distortion of the real facts for the sake of solving propaganda problems. It’s an effective weapon used for the sole purpose of blowing the enemy’s brains out.