Смерть американской демократии

In all fascist regimes (from Spain’s Franco to Italy’s Mussolini), economic policy has always been completely controlled by the state, which exerted the strongest pressure on corporations solely in favor of a rich minority. In America, on the contrary, corporations have a strong influence on the state, although also in favor of a rich minority.

It is no coincidence that, according to a study by an independent nonpartisan group called the Public Campaign, in recent years 30 of the most important American corporations have spent more money on lobbying politicians than on Federal taxes. This feature is the basis of democracy in the style of fascism-shifter…

The onset of democracy in the style of fascism – сhangeling

Wednesday will mark the anniversary of the first democratic elections in the United States, held in 1789. During the second half of the last century, the United States turned from a people’s democracy into a democracy in the style of fascism-a shifter. Democracy in the style of fascism-shifter a new American system, as proclaimed by the Fathers of the Constitution of the American ideals are clearly contrary to modern real us policy.


The United States government can, of course, convince us all that it provides freedom and protection from injustice to every citizen. But, in fact, this government reveals all the most basic features of the fascist state: a one-party government, extreme economic inequality, a totalitarian police regime at home and militarism abroad, a very large-scale use of propaganda.

Political philosopher Sheldon Wolin (Sheldon Wolin) made a ruthless analysis of how the United States is increasingly becoming a totalitarian state. The US lives politically, creating a deceptive impression of a multi-party state. But don’t believe it. In fact, there is only one batch in the US. And this ruling party is a corporate-type party.

Elections offer the population two options for a single pre-prepared program: free market, neoliberal capitalism. Such a program is designed for the benefit of one elite at the expense of the majority: privatization of social services, freezing of salaries, unjustified dismissals and reduction of social security programs are strongly supported.

Adoption of the system in the style of fascism-Changeling in America did not require such strict policy measures, like voter fraud, the use of force to quell the unrest and violence. As a rule, fascism-shifter based on a policy of soft power and the illusion of choice.

The American state forces its citizens to choose between individuals, but not between real political alternatives. For example, all three candidates having the highest chances of becoming the next President of the United States inherited their political status through family: Jeb Bush, Rand Paul and Hillary Clinton.

Of the last 36 years, the Bush and Clinton clans can collectively occupy the White House for as long as 28 years. The gradual disappearance of ideological differences between the political positions of the main parties reflects the decline of the national democratic system.

In America, on the contrary, corporations have a strong influence on the state, although also in favor of a rich minority. It is no coincidence that, according to a study by an independent nonpartisan group called the Public Campaign, in recent years 30 of the most important American corporations have spent more money on lobbying politicians than on Federal taxes. This peculiarity is the basis of democracy in the style of fascism-a shifter: coercive measures of rigid statehood were replaced by a hidden coup, which led to a seemingly soft, imperceptible dictatorship of corporations.

The 400 richest Americans have more wealth than most of the combined 150 million Americans. It’s very simple: the US has proved that the free market and free elections simply cannot coexist. Electoral contributions from corporations become votes; thus, the poor are marginalized in the political process. Money becomes freedom of speech-and a gag in the mouth of the poor.

How can capitalism and democracy coexist if the former seeks to concentrate wealth and power in the hands of a few and the other seeks to share power and wealth among the members of the majority?

Organized greed always defeats unorganized democracy

Fascism of the 20th century perceived relations between people from the point of view of social Darwinism. The theory was to elevate the status of supposedly racially superior individuals and systematically weed out the weak. Historian William L. Shearer described in his works how Hitler outlawed trade unions, the right to strike and collective bargaining. German worker in the Third Reich was no different from the” industrial slave”, subordinate to his master-employer no less than the medieval peasants, dependent on their masters.

And the Republican and democratic groups of the United corporate party, which rules America, have just destroyed the trade unions and, at the same time, very “democratically” promoted and approved the idea of corporate welfare. In the system of democracy in the style of fascism-a shifter, the richest man in the United States, Warren Buffett, pays a real tax rate, which is several times lower than that paid by his Secretary. Like all fascist regimes in history, income in the US is considered private and individual, while losses and public debt are a public, public burden.

Domestic financial policy in the Spanish, Italian, German fascist regimes was based on the nationalization of production facilities and aimed at protecting the interests of the rich, politically influential elite. In the US, financial processes that allow the elite to strengthen its economic and political privileged status have been achieved in the opposite way, that is, through privatization. Private jets, private medical care, private elite schools and private security of property and people. Therefore, we should not be surprised that the elite American politicians, regardless of the faction, always see the regime of austerity and privatization as an unshakable basis for their financial policy.

The only question where there are no differences at all between the American fascist regime and the fascist regimes of the past is foreign policy burdened with a huge military budget. In 1933, Nazi Germany’s military expenditure was 2% of the national budget; by 1940, military expenditure was 44%.

Today, the US spends more on its military needs than the entire world combined. The United States expanded its military presence through 662 bases located around the world, according to data released by the Department of the Interior’s structural report on foreign bases in 2010.

The US is hiding behind self-defence to justify its military incursions. Similarly, Germany justified its military operations by the need to protect its racial superiority. Self-defense through assault or assault for self-defense? It does not matter, the result is still the same: excessively inflated armed forces that kill hundreds of thousands of people abroad, bring the nation itself to bankruptcy, because their maintenance costs billions.

Tools of fascism of the 20th century were obvious and frankly terrible: from public executions at Franco to references in Italy Mussolini

In 1945, President Truman ordered American bombers to drop two nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, instantly killing 140,000 people. A terrible sight discovered after the clearing of the stone debris was shown on TV in American homes and responded to the public with an unprecedented political scandal. Charred bodies and destroyed Japanese family made us experts on the development of political strategies to create a more subtle weapon of mass destruction: sanctions.

In our time, American weapons have evolved perversely; new weapons are invisible and insidious, but no less deadly: they are either economic sanctions or drones or something like that.

Many Americans believe that drones (drones) and sanctions are a point and humane weapon. It is difficult to imagine more far from truth self-deception. All studies and reports agree that the guided missiles and drones have killed more children than terrorists. In addition, the UN believes that half a million Iraqi children died because of the sanctions of bill Clinton.

More innocent people have died from American sanctions than from all the nuclear, biological and chemical weapons ever used by humanity.

And at home, the Americans have to face another threat, which is becoming increasingly aggressive militarized: it is a growing police lawlessness. The most important criterion by which the emergence of a fascist regime can be determined is the state persecution of groups or persons on the basis of their social status or race. Today, the main attacks of the American police state are directed at Muslims.

Contrary to popular opinion, after the September 11 attack, right-wing radical terrorists, including white supremacists and Jewish extremists, killed many more people in the United States than people motivated by Muslim radical ideologies.

According to data at the disposal of the FBI, Muslims have committed only 6% of the total number of terrorist attacks carried out in the United States in recent decades. After September 11, the threat posed by the domestic Muslim community was deliberately exaggerated in order to spread the myth of the War on Terrorism. The results are well known: constant wars abroad, financed by corporations and costing many billions of dollars, and the gradual destruction of 200 years of civil freedom in the United States.

Without any doubt, American Muslims are exposed in their homeland fascist control system, not inferior in its debug even the East German spy network Stasi. The researcher Arun Kundnani proved that the FBI has one agent for every 94 Muslims living in the United States, which is very close to the Stasi figures (one agent for every 66 citizens).

In East Germany, the Stasi wanted people under their control to feel the oppressive power of surveillance and surveillance, because the emerging fear supported the political power of the Party. In America, the option of this tactic-style fascism-the shifter is to the vigilance of the public were euthanized, and the constant, pervasive control was invisible. There is also a very thin wall at risk, blocking the right of society to be free from government claims: the American government understands the potential risk of systematically restricting this right, so it prefers to observe its objects behind the scenes and under cover.

By actively developing a government program to improve covert surveillance of citizens, the Obama government finally strengthens the right to control Americans and, at the same time, deprives the public of the right to control their own government.

Propaganda is an indispensable tool for the establishment of democracy in the style of fascism-a shifter. Sheldon Wolin shrewdly observed that in the United States propaganda is represented by highly centralized media corporations, while in Nazi Germany it was exclusively under the strict control of the state. Thus, the illusion of a “free press”remains in America.

The American propaganda machine is extremely sophisticated

It is not based on radio messages, speeches or leaflets distributed by the Nazi Ministry of Propaganda and public Education, on gross censorship, or on the open persecution of a free press by a Politburo. Propaganda carried out by order of “one percent” (super elite), invisible, but at the same time, almost ubiquitous. It relies not only on government brute force, but also on pop culture, Hollywood movies, mainstream art, and, of course, the media.

After all, the media form our speech, our language or semantic images. Subsequently, these images will determine our actions. Our speech is the logical core through which the public perceives the surrounding reality. Therefore, the one who controls the sources of our language and our speech also controls the sources of the collective consciousness of the society in which we live.

The corporate elites who run the editorial Board in the media control all of these sources. In 1983, the year 90% of American media was owned by 50 companies. Today, the same share belongs to 6 information giants. And that’s scary, because it only means one thing: six corporations across the country decide and dictate what to read, listen and watch to the American people.

Democracy in the style of fascism-Changeling – this is when you, of course, still recognizes freedom of speech, but the administration did not pay attention to you. “Imagine the press as a huge keyboard that the government can play on,” Joseph Goebbels, a Nazi propaganda Minister, once said.

In the Soviet Union, people were aware that only state propaganda could be read in Pravda, so they learned not to remember what they had to read. Many Americans believe that the WSJ, New York Times, CNN – reliable sources, despite numerous evidence to the contrary. How can we forget the high-profile articles published in these Newspapers about non-existent weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, how can we forget the unconditional support given by these Newspapers to the catastrophic invasion of Libya or the idea of supplying weapons to the Syrian rebels who later founded the Islamic State? And this is only an incomplete list of the constant lies preached by these seemingly reliable Newspapers.

The advantage of American propaganda is that it creates the appearance of impartiality, allowing the presence of different opinions only in minor matters. But when it comes to these functionally important for the privileged classes of corporate issues like tax inequality, or war for the enrichment of the elite, mass media is characterized by remarkable unanimity. Instilling that” socialism“,” Marxism “and” communism ” are prohibited items, the ruling elite has successfully outlawed any mention of class reforms and democratic choice.

In the terminology of the fascist shifter, corporations are people. Drones are flying machines controlled from a distance. Torture is enhanced interrogation. Conquest is liberation.

Unlike traditional fascism, the American system of control does not seek to mobilize the population, but to lull its vigilance

As Noam Chomsky pointed out, American propaganda works at a very deep level of suggestion, its behavioral and value models are fully accepted by the population, sometimes even subconsciously, its presence within society is never captured.

Life, as living from moment to moment, in a state of democracy in the style of fascism-shifter consists of alternating States of boredom, stress and acute consumer distraction. Americans are increasingly immersed in reality shows and sensor technology only to escape reality.

Americans voted for American Idol finalists more actively than for any candidate in any presidential race. Separation from reality is increasingly replacing reality itself. History has shown that elections in a distorted electoral system can not lead to the correct, opposite to the system itself, the result. 226 years have passed since the first democratic elections in America. Today, real democracy has finally died, and its place was taken by fascism-a shifter.

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