За что убивают врачей-натуропатов

It all started with the fact that in two months passed away 12 well-known specialists-naturopaths and several others disappeared under strange circumstances. They all worked on a common theme and were close to publishing and publicizing the results.

In the English-language sources of various naturopathic sites and societies the last couple of months began to appear SHOCKING information. In the beginning, it was quickly removed, but now too many serious alternative professionals and simply adherents of an alternative approach to health are vigorously discussing what happened.

Some facts of this story were leaked even to the mass media. And there was no less than a detective story that could easily interest Hollywood, if he was not the mouthpiece of the establishment.

So, it all started with the fact that in two months passed away 12 well-known specialists-naturopaths and several others disappeared under strange circumstances. They all worked on a common theme and were close to publishing and publicizing the results. If they had succeeded, it would have meant nothing less than the collapse of several official medical areas, and possibly the entire medical-industrial complex.

It is suspicious not only the rapid departure from the life of specialists of the same profile, working on one important topic, but also the nature of their death

Some were killed under strange, unexplained circumstances. Others were “self-killed”, like Dr. Bradstreet, whose corpse was found in a river with a bullet wound to the chest unusual for suicide. A few days before his laboratory was raided by the authorities.

One of the victims was Dr. Gonzales, whom many know from the film “the Truth about Cancer”. His death was attributed to a heart attack, although his colleagues and family are convinced that he was killed.

During these tragic two months, the authorities raided the only laboratory in Europe, which was engaged in the same thing as the killed specialists. The laboratory was closed and the only access in Europe to the substance on which all these people worked was closed.

The list of “eliminated” specialists and a short description of the circumstances of their death or disappearance is taken from the Russian-language resource “Our planet”, which is presented below

“June 19, 2015 – in one of the rivers of North Carolina, a local fisherman finds the body of Dr. Bradstreet, a famous doctor who practiced in Florida and Georgia, with a bullet wound to the chest. The authorities are cautiously talking about the possibility of suicide.

June 21, 2015 – Dr. Bruce Hedendal was found dead. 67-year-old healthy male athletic found in his own car with a muffled engine and no signs of an accident. Relatives of the doctor are still waiting for autopsies and conclusions of pathologists, and the police vaguely talk about the “natural causes” of death.

June 21, 2015 — killed 33-year-old Dr. Baron Holt. A man who has never suffered from any disease, suddenly dies during a trip to Florida. Relatives still do not know the causes of death.

June 29, 2015 – the body of 46-year-old Dr. Theresa seavers was found in his own house, located in a luxurious, completely safe area. Apparently, the woman was killed with a hammer. The police have not yet managed to arrest anyone, but law enforcement officers claim that they are developing several versions.

July 1, 2015 – Dr. Lisa Riley’s body was found in her home with a gunshot wound to the head. The police consider the murderer of her husband-a boxer: in 2010 he was already accused of trying to kill his ex-girlfriend-and it was shot in the head.

July 19, 2015 – Dr. Ronald Schwartz was found murdered in his own house. The police say about the premeditated murder, but the details are not disclosed.

July 22, 2015 – the body of the famous doctor Nicholas Gonzalez was found. According to the police, the man probably died of a heart attack, despite his excellent health.

July 28, 2015 – 41-year-old dentist Hakim Abdul-Karim dies in North Carolina in preparation for the half-marathon. A passer-by found his body on the side of the road.

August 3, 2015 – colleagues of the homeopath and healer Jeff Harvey Reported his ” sudden death of a non-medical nature.” The official reason for the death of the doctor has not yet been named.

16 Aug 2015 — in his own house killed a 65-year-old Marie Rene bovier, osteopath. The woman died from a knife wound, and the police announced a premeditated murder.

September 15, 2015 – a 59-year-old new York oncologist and author of 6 books, including the best-selling gene therapy Plan and the Healing power of sound, Dr. Mitchell L. Gaynor was found dead in a forest near his luxurious country mansion. He taught his patients to complement traditional cancer treatment regimens with relaxing music, diet, and meditation. The circumstances of the death of the founder of the popular clinic “Integrative Oncology Gaynor” remain unclear, but the police put forward a version of suicide. Friends and acquaintances of the doctor do not believe in it and try to find out the true circumstances of death.

In addition to 11 doctors, by a strange coincidence killed or killed in less than 90 days, in the same period in the United States officially recorded the disappearance of at least 2 more doctors: 74-year-old ophthalmologist Patrick Fitzpatrick and 63-year-old pulmonologist Jeffrey Whiteside. To date, they have been reported missing.

Meanwhile, on 19 June, 4 people are killed in Mexico: 3 doctors from Acapulco — Raimundo Terek Cuevas, Marvin hernández Ortega, josé Osvaldo Sausedo — and their lawyer Julio Cesar Mech Saldago. The police found them shot auto: found shell casings, and the casing seat — the blood. After 5 days, the police found the bodies of the victims, and then presented them to identify relatives.

Then something happened incredible: family members of the missing doctors said that it is not their remains, and the police just tried as quickly as possible to close the case and therefore went on forgery. A serious scandal broke out, and the Governor took the case under control — the investigation is still ongoing.

And on September 11, the British newspaper The Telegraph reported shocking news: “the Police suspect something unclean with the mysterious poisoning of 29 participants of the seminar on alternative medicine held in Germany: people suffered from terrible convulsions, delusions and hallucinations.”

Homeopathic doctors, chiropractors, osteopaths and healers gathered near Hamburg to exchange experiences and discuss urgent problems. Soon they became so powerful symptoms of poisoning psychedelic drug that local authorities had to be involved to transport the injured to hospitals and saving lives of 160 people, 15 of carriages “first aid” and the duty helicopter.

The investigation has not yet been completed, but experts are sure that we are talking about a multiple overdose of the psychedelic drug phenethylamine, or Aquarust, completely banned in Germany since 2014.This drug in high doses is deadly.»

Did you think that only happens in the movies?!

Let’s now talk about what these scientists were working on. Our immune system is very complex and multifaceted. Its work is influenced by many different factors that can weaken it and cause a state of immunosuppression.

However, there is a substance called mahalasa, which causes a spot-kick for the immune system, causing profound immunodepression.

This substance is released by cancer cells and various viruses and the accuracy of its action is unique. It disrupts the bond between two electrons of the 420th amino acid in a huge protein molecule, one of tens of thousands of proteins, each of which has millions of electrons. If we translate this into a more understandable language, this accuracy is equivalent to the targeted destruction of one bench in the Park from a distance of 10,000 km.

The purpose of magalasy are the centers of protein synthesis GcMAF (Macrophage Activating Factor Globulincomponent) on the surface of T and b lymphocytes, which she just destroys. GcMAF combines with vitamin D to form the necessary compound to activate macrophages, the main killers of cancer cells.

Thus, blocking this mechanism, Nagamasa removes the ability of the immune system to prevent and fight such serious diseases as cancer.

Interestingly, children with autism showed a significant presence of magalasy

Thus, GcMAF is the only absolute means of destroying cancer cells in our immune system. At the same time, nagalaza is an absolute destroyer of GcMAF protein, thereby removing the control of the immune system over cancer cells, which leads to the development of cancer and its aggressive course.

However, the most important in the study of Dr. Bradstreet and his colleagues was the fact of getting magalasi into the body with vaccines.

They found that children at birth were not blood nagaraju, but after a vaccination has shown its high content.

In other words, vaccines do not strengthen the immunity to certain diseases, and nagamasu caused profound suppression of, causing cancer, autism and other conditions.

This may also be an explanation for the fact that, despite the false statements of the media and official statistics, vaccinated children suffer an average of 5 times more often than unvaccinated children.

Dr. Broadstreet did not stop there and successfully started treating autism with GcMAF. In 1/6 of the children, the symptoms went away completely, and 85% of the children had positive dynamics (out of 1100 children treated by Dr. Bradstreet).

While there is no consensus how Nagamasa enters the human body by vaccination.

While there is no consensus how Nagamasa enters the human body by vaccination.

It is unlikely that the synthesized Nagamasa simply added to vaccines (which is not possible, aware of other toxic additives that are causing autoimmune disease, cancer, infertility, etc.).

For such a strong depression of the immune system, nagalaza should act for a long time, and if it was administered with vaccines in pure form, it would be removed from the body relatively quickly.

We can assume that the action extends magalasi some kind of adjuvant in the vaccine.

Many adjuvants for this purpose, and are added to a vaccine to prolong the validity of some of the ingredients of the vaccine.

Another likely route of prolonged exposure to nagalaza after vaccination may be the fact that, for example, the vaccine MMR (measles, mumps, rubella, which is made in the West at the age of one year) contains live pathogens, ie, this vaccine is “live”.

It is already known that the gene encoding nagalazu, found in immunoviruses, oncoviruses and viruses contained in bacteria.

Therefore, not only viruses, but some bacteria also have ngalazu encoding gene. These viruses and bacteria transmit this gene when a person is infected. Thus, it can be assumed that with the introduction of a live vaccine to a child or an adult, this gene can easily integrate into the mitochondrial DNA of a human cell and provide a long synthesis of nagalaza, which will be point and constant blows to beat the most important link of the immune system and this effect will be very difficult to stop.

Thus, to prevent such a pathway of gene transfer, the MMR vaccine and other “live” vaccines must die (in the recent past, most vaccines were with a dead pathogen).

Probably not all the way falling magalasy the body studied, but today it is proven fact that after vaccination Nagamasa begins its catastrophic effects on the immune system.

Now it is easy to imagine the resonance that would result from the publication of the fact that it is vaccination that causes an irreparable blow to the immune system, and that mass vaccination is responsible for the rapidly growing cases of autism (today 1 in 50 children with a forecast of 1 in 20 by 2020), for the fact that cancer today is much “younger”, and mortality from cancer in children in General came out on the first place, ahead of injury.

For the fact that today every 3-5 people in developed countries will be diagnosed with cancer during their lives. It is likely that the same factor explains the increased overall incidence of vaccinated children, a sharp increase in autoimmune diseases and other serious pathologies.

There is no doubt that this effect is known to vaccine manufacturers, as they are the ones who are behind the introduction of laws on universal vaccination, lobbying leading politicians.

Thus, pharmaceutical companies, cancer industry and the medical establishment as a whole through ngalazu guarantee your profits with almost every person for many years.
This can only be called genocide-a crime against humanity, as hundreds of millions of people have already become victims. That is why with these scientists so brutally, quickly and it is emblematic cracked down.

Interestingly, the corporate trolls have already started “exposing conspiracy theories” regarding the death of naturopaths, who worked on the problem of magalasy-GsMAF. According to their version, or received them from above manuals, it is said that the suicides were committed on the basis of repentance of these naturopaths after many deaths in the treatment of protein GsMAF, and the only laboratory that produced Gsmaf in Europe, was just very unsanitary.

Unfortunately, this tragic story for many people can remain “inventions of crazy conspirators”. However, for those who doubt the bright purposes of the medical establishment, let’s hope that this will be the final argument in understanding the essence of what is happening.

Those who are already “in the know” probably nothing will surprise you. They know that there is a war against people to exterminate them and that scientists, specialists and activists working for the benefit of people are under the gun.

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