Техника боевой спецпропаганды

I studied at the Moscow state University, we had a military Department. In an atmosphere of secrecy, we were taught combat special propaganda-the art of sowing discord in the ranks of the enemy with the help of misinformation and manipulation of consciousness. Terrible, I will report to you, business. Joking apart. Military, or” black ” propaganda allows any distortion of the real facts for the sake of solving propaganda problems. It’s an effective weapon used for the sole purpose of blowing the enemy’s brains out.
The “rotten herring” method. The method of “inverted pyramid”. The method of “the big lie”. The principle of “40 to 60″. Method of ” absolute evidence»… You also know all these methods and techniques. You just don’t realize it. As you should.

We were taught to use special combat techniques against enemy soldiers. Today, they are being used against the civilian population of our own country. For 2 years, reading Russian Newspapers or watching TV shows, I note with interest that the people coordinating the stuffing and interpretation of the news in Russia, clearly learned from the same textbook, from the same cheerful Colonel or his colleagues.

Here’s an example of the method of “rotten herring” works like this

A false accusation is being chosen. It is important that it was the most dirty and scandalous. Works well, for example, petty theft, or, say, child molestation, or murder, preferably out of greed.

The purpose of” rotten herring ” is not to prove the accusation. It’s about causing a wide, public debate about his … Injustice and Unfairness.

The human psyche is designed so that, as soon as the prosecution becomes the subject of public discussion, inevitably there are his “supporters” and “opponents”, “experts” and “experts”, rabid “prosecutors” and ardent “defenders” of the accused.

But regardless of their views, all participants in the discussion again and again pronounce the name of the accused in conjunction with the dirty and scandalous accusation, thus rubbing more and more “rotten herring” in his “clothes”, until finally this “smell” begins to follow him everywhere. And the question “kill-stole-seduced or not” is becoming a major at the mention of his name.

Or, for example, the method “40 to 60”, invented by Goebbels

It consists in the creation of the media, which 60% of their information is given in the interests of the enemy. But, thus earning his trust, the remaining 40% used for extremely efficient, thanks to the trust of misinformation. During the Second world war, there was a radio station that was listened to by the anti-fascist world. It was thought to be British. And only after the war it became clear that in fact it was the Goebbels radio station, which worked on the principle developed by him “40 to 60”.

Very effective method of ” big lies»

It’s a bit like “rotten herring” but actually works differently. Its essence is to offer the audience with the maximum degree of confidence such a global and terrible lie that it is almost impossible to believe that it is possible to lie about such a thing.

The trick here is that a well-organized and well-thought-out “big lie” causes the listener or viewer a deep emotional trauma, which then permanently determines his views contrary to any arguments of logic and reason.

False descriptions of cruel abuse of children or women work particularly well in this sense. For example, a message about a crucified child due to the deep emotional trauma that it causes, for a long time will determine the views of the person who received this information, no matter how much he was then tried to convince, using the usual logical arguments.

But especially honored our cheerful Colonel method of “absolute evidence”, which gives though not fast, but reliable results.

Instead of proving something, you are presenting what you want to convince the audience as something obvious, self-evident and therefore unconditionally supported by the majority of the population.

Despite its apparent simplicity, this method is incredibly effective, because the human psyche automatically reacts to the opinion of the majority, seeking to join him.

It is only important to remember that the majority must necessarily be dominant, and its support absolute and unconditional — otherwise the effect of accession does not arise.

However, if these conditions are met, the number of supporters of the ” majority position “begins to gradually but surely grow, and over time increases exponentially — mainly due to the representatives of low social strata, which are most susceptible to the”effect of accession”. One of the classic ways to support the method of “absolute evidence” is, for example, the publication of the results of various sociological surveys that demonstrate absolute social unity on a particular issue. Methods of “black” propaganda, of course, do not require that these reports have at least some relation to reality.

I can continue. Taught us actually a year, and the list of methods is quite large. It is important, however, not this. And this. Methods of “black” propaganda affect the audience at the level of deep psychological mechanisms in such a way that the consequences of this impact can not be removed by conventional logical arguments.

“Big lie” achieves this effect through emotional trauma. The method of evidence-through the ” effect of joining.” “Rotten herring” – due to the introduction of a direct Association between the object of the attack and the dirty, scandalous accusation in the minds of the audience.

Simply put, the combat special propaganda turns a person into a zombie, who not only actively supports the embedded in his mind, but also aggressively confronts those who hold different views or try to convince him, using logical arguments. Otherwise, in fact, it can not be. All methods of combat special propaganda United by a single goal. It is to weaken the enemy army by bringing internal strife, mutual hatred and distrust into its ranks.

And today these methods are used against ourselves

And the result to which they lead is exactly the one for which they were created. Only mutual hatred and internal discord arise not in the army of the enemy, but in our homes and families.

Just go outside and see how the country has changed over the past three years. It seems to me that the combat special propaganda works even more effectively against its own population than against enemy soldiers.

Probably because, unlike enemy soldiers, civilians cannot defend themselves.

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