Как центр толерантности собирается заняться переформатированием детей, родителей и педагогов в российских школах

At the beginning of April 2019, it became known that Russian schools will be offered to implement in their educational process the program “Everyone is important”, aimed at improving the skills of the teacher and preventing aggressive behavior of students. The program was developed by the Federal scientific and methodological center in the field of psychology and pedagogy of tolerance, the founder of which is a private cultural institution “Jewish Museum and tolerance center”.

In addition, the Deputy Chairman of the all-Russian education Union and the Executive Director of the Center Elena pronicheva signed an official agreement on cooperation, reports TASS. The Ministry of education seems to have turned on the green light for this program and wants to actively use its provisions not only in the system of additional education, but also… at parent-teacher conferences. The content of the training manual is not available on the Internet in the public domain, but certain conclusions about the goals and objectives of its lobbyists can be made today.

“The program is in the final stage of development. It will include eight interactive subroutines with multimedia content, movies, tutorials. We hope that since April we will have a period of testing. And by September 2019, the new school year, we will have a full-fledged product for the education system. The program involves the training of school teachers, after which they will be able to get a fully developed set of “turnkey”. Accordingly, if necessary, they will be able to apply it as a program for a class hour or in the necessary after hours,” pronicheva said.

On the website of the tolerance Center it is also reported that in April and may 2019 there will be testing of the module for schoolchildren – Junior adolescent (from 5 to 7 class) and senior adolescent (8-11 class) age. The classes will include special mini-movies that allow children to see the problem from the outside, put themselves in the place of heroes, empathize with them. On the basis of how this trial stage will be held, the experts will draw conclusions and, if necessary, will complement the program, and in September will begin to create a training program for teachers. At the beginning of 2020, information materials for parents will be developed and released, as well as guidelines for teachers to conduct thematic modules in the framework of parent-teacher meetings. And below it is specified once again: “the program “Everyone is important” will include a special vector addressed to parents”.

It would seem that common sense suggests that the widespread introduction in Russian schools of the program, which is not even fully finalized, can result in a serious pedagogical error. Why this happens with the full approval of the Ministry of Education and its pocket trade Union will become more clear if we look at the personality of the Chairman of the expert Council of the tolerance Center.

This is none other than the academician of RAO, member of the HRC, Ph. D., psychologist and politician A. G. Asmolov – the main ideologist of the “formation of attitudes of tolerance” in Russian society, as well as the developer of the scandalous foresight project “Childhood 2030”, involving the destruction of all the foundations of traditional education, family and the transformation of children in the incubators of cyborgs. After harsh criticism of the parent community and all sane citizens of this plan, pathetically presented at the time by President Dmitry Medvedev at the “Expo 2010” in Shanghai, like as sunk into Oblivion, and all related sites (including – PR its resource “suddenly” disappeared charity Fund “My generation”) were closed. However, if you look at the main vector of the current crazy “innovative” reforms in education (the national project “Digital school“, NES, MES, etc.), the introduction of forced biometric identification of children in schools, their treatment by teachers-psychologists secretly from parents, etc., we will see that the project continues to be implemented forsytschikov – only in a veiled form and under the usual pretext of “comfort and safety” of children and parents.

In addition, Asmolov is an opponent of the creation of a single educational space, known as a “variator” and, of course, a follower of the pedological (ie, detocentric, purely juvenile) approach to learning and children. He is also an adept of “responsible parenthood” – ie the introduction of reformatting and a kind of certification of mothers and fathers on their right to have and raise children. The patterns of his program “parenting” – a purely liberal, allowing the child almost everything. This concludes the story of this gentleman and give a couple of quotes from his interview, after which the reader is unlikely to remain questions.

Kids today do very often, “additional»

Today, as never before, need parental education… It is very important that parents understand: children should not be brought up, they should be friends. /…/ …we are not ready to work with the “digital generation” of children, including our teachers. The question is different: is the generation of “digital children” ready to communicate with us.

I see the unique role of the Internet in awakening not just children’s, but civil consciousness, free consciousness. With all the critical moments of the Internet – it is an environment for the development of civil society. To some extent, those who came to Bolotnaya square and Sakharov square (I do not evaluate these events politically, but psychologically) are people who have passed the school of variable education. They are already used to making their own choices. What we started in 1991-1992, when we did the school reform, worked in 2011-2012. Education is not just pedagogy, it is the ideology of the future.”

Naturally, education is an ideology

Here with Mr. by Asmolov could not agree more. As you well know, the state ideology in Russia is prohibited by the Constitution. However, somehow surprisingly, it turns out that the ideological education of new generations of Russians today is on the Western patterns and manuals, using all the tenets of capitalism and the new caste-based society (financial literacy, choice of profession almost from the cradle, the willingness to work for foreign corporations, where they pay more), following to the baser needs (early sexualization through sexual education indulgence in any harmful Hobbies of the child through the prohibition of punishment). A very important role in this system is played by the introduction into the mass consciousness of tolerance as a “word-saboteur”, which is what Asmolov does most of his time.

This Western word was included in the Universal Declaration of human rights of 1948, proclaimed hastily created on the ruins of the Second World war, the global structure – the UN. And in 1995 its UNESCO subsidiary declared the international year of Tolerance. At the same time, 185 member countries, including Russia, signed the Declaration Of principles of Tolerance with very vague wording:

“Tolerance is respect, acceptance and correct understanding of the rich diversity of cultures of our world, our forms of expression and ways of manifestation of human individuality.

Tolerance is harmony in diversity

This is not only a moral duty, but also a political and legal need. Tolerance is a virtue that makes peace possible and helps replace the culture of war with a culture of peace.”

Then began regular actions under the auspices of UNESCO called “year of tolerance”, was proclaimed the world “day of tolerance” – November 16. On the Russian authorities showered a flurry of claims from the West – they say, we are very slowly introducing this word into use. And our compradors immediately took under the visor – instead of the usual Russian concepts of “friendship”, “peacefulness”, “patience”, “understanding” in our strategies and manuals began to penetrate this “misdirected Cossack.” The liquidators of the Russian school, former Ministers of education Fursenko and Livanov without much thought waved the PHOS, in which the formation of tolerance, tolerant consciousness, understanding of tolerance and multiculturalism, etc. should form the basis for the development of the child’s personality. In the Concept of information security of children, approved by the Government of the Russian Federation on December 2, 2015, the priority is called “education of children tolerance.” And on September 1, 2016 at each school in Russia, on the direct instructions from Europe, the academic year began with the all-Russian “lesson of tolerance”. By the way, Asmolov is a member of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO under the Government of the Russian Federation. Well, the tolerance Center of the Jewish Museum in 2016 was awarded the UNESCO prize for the dissemination of ideas of tolerance and non-violence. The fact that this structure has degenerated globalists, described in detail in the analysis of its fresh manuals “International technical manual on sexual education.”

The result of processing the brains of young teachers Asmolov and his followers “teachers-psychologists” was not long in coming

Now schools across Russia regularly host not just lessons, but whole days and weeks of tolerance. In the schools of Saint-Petersburg such action is accompanied by LGBT symbols (for example, GBOU school №315 of the Pushkin district ), in Yekaterinburg, the Director of the school №115 organized a children’s drawing competition on the theme of same-sex relationships as part of the lesson “Tolerant world” among pupils of 5-11 classes. And some promises of the Prosecutor’s office to punish the guilty under article “propaganda of homosexuality to children” will not do here. The public Commissioner for the protection of the family in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region last year appealed to the responsible authorities with the requirement to remove the “formation of tolerance” from the Fgos, as well as to prohibit the holding of “days and weeks of tolerance” in Russian schools. It at least roughly violates 436-FZ “About protection of children from harmful information” regarding a ban on promotion of pederasty to minors. How high is a universal virus for making a human consciousness any perversion that now it is legal (thanks to the instructions in Fhoso) can be extended to all our younger generation.

Hybrid war: problems and prospects of post-conflict settlement

In the conditions of hybrid, information war, ideological war (which, by the way, is well understood fighting on this front against Russia, Mr. Asmolov and his accomplices), the enemy has introduced into our everyday life and legal acts the term “tolerance” is not accidental. Recall, from the point of view of medicine (the definition introduced in use in the middle of the 20th century by the English immunologist M. Medavar), “tolerance” is a complete or partial absence of resistance of the body to external infection. Complete tolerance in medicine is the death of the human body. In fact, “tolerance” – is nothing more than “the way to death through the rejection of the struggle for life”, a synonym of death and death, perfectly correlated with the now planted liberal globalists doctrine of transhumanism (overcoming the human in man, Posthuman civilization). At the preliminary stage of the confrontation, when there are no open clashes, the brains of the local population are being processed, its preparation for non-resistance to the seizure of living space. And implementers of juvenile terror, sexprosvet, tolerance perfectly mastered the task of laying in minds and souls of the Russian people of these alien words and images.

The word “tolerance” lulls attention, turns off or weakens the natural immunity and instinct of self-preservation of the nation that they bombard. Note that we, unlike the Anglo-Saxons, who began their history with the genocide of the indigenous population of America and still continue in the same spirit, have never had problems with the “friendship of peoples”, the acceptance of people of other beliefs and traditions. However, we are talking about the adoption of various forms of manifestation of “good”, while in the understanding of “evil” all the peoples of Russia are absolutely the same. Evil and sin as its manifestation for Russian and other indigenous peoples are unacceptable, and all their manifestations must be punished and defeated. But tolerance in its deep message just means the acceptance of evil without resistance, it levels the very concept of evil or sin, replacing it with “a variety of views and beliefs”, destroys the natural belligerence towards evil. It also forces States to adopt doctrines and development strategies that were previously considered totally unacceptable.

In the West, under these slogans, after appropriate “tolerant” processing of brains, globalists managed to sell the population “gender theory”, euthanasia, pederastic marriages and “families” (adoption of children by pederasts, including after their removal from blood parents), pedo – zoophilia and other pathologies, the destruction of the cultures of the once conservative French, German and other Nations through their dissolution in aggressive migrants from the East. “Do not resist perversions”, “do not fight sin”, “do not act when you are attacked” – in this sector of “justification of evil” tolerance is spreading in Europe, USA, Canada… and now, alas, in Russia. Fortunately, we have not yet reached the official lessons on the “Basics of homosexuality”, whereas in a number of States of the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia, this “subject” is now being studied in all kindergartens, schools and universities. Those who do not agree to teach it, or to give children to such institutions – dismiss from work, put on trial. Tolerance is an ideological battering RAM and the avant-garde reigned in the West of gonadectomy, and Mr. Asmolov companions, of course, everyone understands this perfectly.

It remains only to call on all sane citizens of Russia to resist the course of dehumanization, which is confidently moving our “dear partners”. Our government and officials involve specialists in tolerance from all Jewish centers in the education of our children, they implement a plan to turn our children into “sexual animals”. This material and even thousands of indignant statements of parents are unlikely to change the situation (although this does not mean that it is not necessary to write!). It is time for us to take our fates and the fates of our children into our own hands – to inform each other about what is happening, to unite and resist in all ways (preferably, of course, legal) — and to enforce our rights, throwing out of the chairs of school Directors, officials of RONO and the Ministry, mayors and other agents of tolerance. Officials should serve the people, not experiment with Russian children from Jewish centers.

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