Особенности кремлёвской революции в российских элитах

After the presidential Election, as many analysts pointed out, the main problem of Power is the “manual mode” of the Country’s governance. The last “Direct Line with the President” clearly highlighted this fact. The manual mode of government of the Country was not combined with the new course of development of Russia proclaimed by the President, which was reduced to the implementation of the old Soviet slogan – “Acceleration, acceleration and acceleration once again!”. This apparent contradiction has baffled many politicians.It is necessary to understand that acceleration for Russia cannot be created today by any external forces. Acceleration had to happen in the Russian society, so, first of all in the Russian elite.

Therefore, the Kremlin first of all had to subdue the elite. This was facilitated by both the Kremlin’s foreign policy and the domestic policy pursued for many years.

By opposing its foreign policy to the entire Western world, the Kremlin has created the impossibility for elites to remain in the West. The most that many of them could, so it is to hide in Israel, which with some stretch can be attributed to the Western world. With the rest of the democratic West’s elites are now forced to flee, and to flee in addition to Russia, absolutely nowhere.

To facilitate the return of capital back to Russia, the Kremlin even went to the creation of Russian offshore companies. Thus, Putin’s team launched the process of returning the elites to Russia.

It is clear that the Russian elite is primarily the biggest owners in Russia. It is in the hands of the elites that not only the main material benefits are concentrated, but also the very possibility of influencing Russian society through the direct management of society.

The Kremlin’s internal policy was reduced to” shock therapy “for the society itself, by calling for a controlled”social explosion.”

This goal was achieved by the Kremlin brilliantly and the elites had to return to a completely different Russia for themselves – pre-revolutionary Russia.

To activate this process, the Kremlin unmistakably picked up the right “social catalysts” (those “covers”), which helped to create the right pace.

The Kremlin has skillfully brought a degree of public discontent to a boil in the air and the distinct smell of revolution. Started up literally all Communists, revolutionaries, Navalny and Udaltsov.


But Putin’s team, taking on the task of political control of popular unrest, suddenly abruptly “dropped steam” one revolutionary solution – the withdrawal of super-profits from the oligarchs. To say that the oligarchs were dissatisfied with the Kremlin’s decision is to say nothing. But once in a situation of hopelessness, they realized that there was no other option of avoiding the angry masses.

The elites were literally ” between the hammer and the anvil”

In the West for them everything goes to confiscation of illegally taken out capitals, and in Russia to social revolt.

Belousov at a meeting in the Kremlin, probably a picture of what is happening and drew. Almost all those present at the Kremlin conversation immediately understood and responded to the proposal of the Kremlin Adviser – “it is necessary to share”, Shokhin’s words, within the meaning: “it is Better to communicate with The presidential administration than with the Investigative Committee!”.

Today it is already possible to conclude that the Kremlin managed to accomplish two important intermediate task.

The first task – before the inevitable return of capital to Russia to subdue the elite.

The second task – facing the threat of a social explosion – is to start reformatting these elites by rallying them around a new national idea. Accelerated development of Russia!
This “acceleration” is the most important task proclaimed by Putin after his election

The most important marker of this process was the state Council for the Far East held by Putin, where the adviser to the President Andrei Belousov in a categorical tone and officials and oligarchs placed all the emphasis on the most important areas of the economy of the Far East.

A good example of the process of reformatting elites was the far Eastern economic forum.

Take a look in YouTube as Putin discusses the loading of the shipyard “Star” orders for the construction of gas carriers ice class. Next to him-the head of “NOVATEK” Michelson, who brings the President information about the three ordered “Star” ships. Moreover, it is surprising that about any foreign orders, although they are cheaper and better we are not talking. The vessels will be built only in Russia.


This is how the process of “education” of the elite in the spirit of loyalty to the Russian Government and in the spirit of patriotism to their country. To the country, which they have almost ceased to consider their Homeland.

Isn’t that a revolution?

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