Глобальный проигрыш армий мира в войне с ожирением

In 2018, a report by the international think tank RAND Corporation showed that almost two – thirds of American soldiers are overweight and even obese-at least by military standards. The us army uses the concept of body mass index-the ratio of human weight and height. At the same time, the number of those wishing to serve in the country is decreasing.

In 2017, among young people from 16 to 24 years of age, the main age group of recruits, only 11% expressed a desire to join the army. Almost every third of them were refused because of too high body mass index.

According to major General Jeffrey Phillips, retired, the us army spends more than $ 1.5 billion annually on treating obese soldiers and looking for those willing to replace them.

China: junk food and Masturbation

Too much junk food and Masturbation. This verdict was delivered to the Chinese army by the official newspaper of the people’s liberation army of China. Poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyle and… self – satisfaction-for these reasons, recruits can not pass the test of physical training necessary for service in the army. “This is due to prolonged sitting at the computer, frequent Masturbation and lack of physical activity,” – said in the published material.

Despite the lax requirements for conscripts, in 2017 at least 20% of recruits were rejected because of excess weight. Some military could not even complete the five-kilometer cross-country race.
Iran: overweight

According to the site that specializiruetsya for the defence of the Iranian army has about half a million soldiers. However, according to a study by BMC Public Health, 13% of the military are obese and 41% overweight.

UK: harmful Goodies

In November last year, the British media and poured puns about the excess weight of the soldiers. The reason was the information that the troops stationed in Katerinska garrison, the largest military base in the North of England, was under close surveillance. It all started with the fact that the military was forbidden to go to a snack in a local cafe Gregg’s, which is known for its flour products.

The media got information about the concern of the military command in an unsightly way of the British defender, eating all sorts of harmful Goodies. Around the same time, the Ministry of defense released figures according to which, almost 10% of the military are obese. At the same time, the British army faces significant financial costs. Lord McCall, surgeon and part-time member of the house of lords, said that because of the military overweight will soon have to redo ejection seats in airplanes and emergency hatches in submarines.

India: obesity fines

According to studies conducted in 2016, a third of Indian soldiers are overweight. In April last year, the local army established strict rules aimed at combating obesity. For example, now the military overweight will not be promoted and involved in diplomatic missions. In the future, it is planned to carry out random and unscheduled inspections, as well as to fine those who weigh 10% more than the norm.

“We do not want our men to suffer from diseases caused by obesity. Moreover, the presence of such military is bad for the effectiveness of the army in the field,” the Indian officer said in an interview with India Today.

Spain: open shirts and overweight

La Legion, Spain’s famous elite infantry regiment, made headlines last year not only because of the open shirts worn by its employees.

As a result of the mandatory check of the body mass index of three thousand soldiers found that 6% of them are obese. They had to go on a special diet.

South Africa: narrow belt and extended waist

The latest statistics collected by the Military health service in 2012 showed that about 10% of South Africa’s military are obese. Experts warn that this threatens the country’s combat readiness.

“From the regular army, consisting of 76 thousand men and women, from a medical point of view, only 10% are suitable for service. This means that, given the rotation and the need for training, no more than 2 thousand people are at the permanent disposal,” Greg mills, Director of the defense Department of the Brenthurst Foundation, told South African news portal Daily Maverick.

Mexico: early retirement

In the fight against obesity, the Mexican authorities in 2015 prematurely dismissed more than 1,300 employees and ordered another 12 thousand to lose weight and get in shape.

According to a report published by the organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD) in the Same year, Mexico ranked second out of 35 countries in the number of obese people (32.4% of the population). Ahead of it only the United States (38.2%).


In Russia, a particularly obese military may face suspension from service. As reported by the media in 2017, servicemen with obesity of the fourth degree were offered to be dismissed, and with obesity of the third degree – to transfer to equal positions away from the front line.

But there are no official open statistics on how many people and whether they were dismissed from military service because of obesity.

Why is this such a big problem?

Taking into account physical training and constant training, the military must be in better shape than the ordinary population of the country. However, there are many cases where this principle does not work. According to the findings of many scientific studies, the military are more likely to find themselves in stressful and life-threatening situations, more prone to constant lack of sleep, and all these factors lead to poor nutrition.

Whatever it was, one thing is obvious: excess weight is a serious enemy of the armed forces.

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