Как воспитывают британские элиты

The obvious leadership of the British elites over the past 400 years is due to the fact that they have chosen the easy way, which obviously has no future and will sooner or later pay for it. The right path that has a future is evolution with a plus sign, but it is a very difficult path and does not guarantee such success. How to choose these children for such schools – I do not know, do not ask. Training since 17 years is definitely too late and this should be something to do.
What are the challenges facing the education of elites?

Degradation. The solution to the problem: “People have changed – the quality of leadership has fallen.” To teach these children a strategy that allows them to outplay future elite competitors from other countries in 30-40 years, when these students come to power.

To remain faithful to tradition and country

Young people like to rebel against the foundations of their ancestors – such a “protest” needs immunity. As we know the USSR destroyed the grandchildren of those who created it-because they were tempted to the buns of capitalism and wanted change and power. Educate the elite should be so that they do not hit in the head to break what their grandparents created a huge price – risking their lives!

It is important that the elite did not kill each other

About the consequences of the war Of the scarlet and white roses-the British remember when to know each other almost destroyed and give elite status had to distant relatives of the dead. In the 20th century, Russia twice went through civil wars.

In the 90’s there was a quiet civil war during which more than 1 million men who participated in the division of Russian, i.e. their own property, and about 10 million citizens died from the consequences of these clashes.

Karma or God does not hit with a stick

No one is protected from cancer, serious incomprehensible diseases, infertility, sudden deaths. The British lost a hundred years ‘ war in France. Because at some point, when it remains to capture the last French city, Orleans – suddenly died English king Henry V, and the French appeared Jean D’arc and the course of the war changed.

Depression, guilt, disappointment.

In order to maintain world domination, whole Nations have to be killed and genocided. This is the potential for a youth riot, against the “methods of descendants”. Gaidar lived 53 years, they say at the end of his life he washed down. Berezovsky also fell down, although he was an idol for fans of walking on their heads. And I know for sure that many people were shocked when he suddenly “died” in 67 years.

These people want to live much more-100 years at least and die in a warm bed with honor, without remorse, and not in prison, on the gallows, in a mental hospital or drowning in alcohol from depression.


Purity of elites

Everyone remembers the Trojan horse story. Not that anyone in the future from talented outsiders, “charming and attractive” want to go one way or another in this circle of the elect, that risks undermining their well-being. The closure of the entrance to the elite, for outsiders need for self-preservation of the elite.

3 words, which hate the British: money, emotions and truth

Money they “don’t like” – only conditionally, considering that the last 400 years they only also were engaged in a robbery of all to whom reached, including own citizens. It is impossible to admit that love money and for them are ready for everything – then the whole world will turn away from them and will rebel against them.

There is such an expression – good intentions lead to hell, which means that under the mask of “good intentions” — you can sell people any delusional idea against themselves. As deindustrialization of Russia in the 90’s under the guise of closing dirty and harmful to people production. Abandoning agriculture for almost the same reason.

But if people suspect that there is money behind everything-they turn on the brain and start a serious resistance, and then the soft power does not work.

On emotions can be anyone anywhere to read and calculate on a few steps forward. And emotions interfere with making the right decisions.

It is known that decisions are made on 70% emotionally and only 30% logic. Emotions means the space for manipulation: from intimidation to fraud and bribery in beautiful wrappers for the purpose of constraint make the right decision.

Well, the truth hurts, but a half-truth worse than a lie. If you know the truth-you can calculate the steps of anyone and for as long as you want.

Linguistic class

North and South-different people and ethnic groups. The British elite is the South. There was only one country in the world that spoke one dialect across and down – the USSR, from Brest to Vladivostok, there are no other such countries. This is a classic divide and rule – so that people and regional leaders could not agree among themselves against their superiors. (I hope “Stairway to Heaven”, Shcheglova and Hazin you read.)

Look at the old Soviet film “Pygmalion” -which shows how differently spoken in Britain in different provinces, but it is quite small in size country. Similarly, India has more than 60 official languages. They will never be able to agree among themselves and change something in the caste system.

In the modern world there is a linguistic classiness, and there is also a division in the manner of speaking on the rural and urban, modern and lagging behind life. And the manner of speaking can not only cause irritation, but also hatred. Built-in conflict, out of the blue.

Good higher education strongly rests on the knowledge of the language. For those who speak poorly – many universities are closed by default. In the West, the poor speak their native language poorly. Look how many little understood idioms in English and how much they distort their language. For the uneducated, even the subtitles made the news.

Not that legal, but even the official language of the lower layer is incomprehensible. It is easy to deceive such people. Well, manner of speaking with citations or reasoning of philosophers on philosophical topics – a method of determining a stranger.

All to maintain power.

Chav and Posh-cattle and the middle, caste in society

Copy India – thanks to the castes in India has never been revolutions. More precisely, 1 time, but it does not count. Even the threat of revolution in India was not. Even the USSR was not an example for them and they did not have to create a middle class to maintain power, as capitalists. A very tempting example – I would even say a dream. This is what they are preparing for us in the future.

Castes-a sentence and will not be able to escape 99.99% of the population. And those that break out-nothing can change. In English society 5 castes, and on other data 7.

The division between North and South begins on the outskirts of London. It means that the internal structure of the country is a colonial system. London and a little South-metropolis, the rest of the colony.

Well, about as now in Russia – Moscow, through which passes 80% of the money, financially strangles the whole country. Attracts the best staff from the country and abroad – without having to pay a lot and spend on their training, education and social protection.

In the early 2000s, St. Petersburg was suffocating from lack of money – I remember how near the subway there were cots with second hand clothes. Then came Putin and the situation has improved a little.

The attraction of many visitors to Moscow-embeds conflict in society, which blocks the situation from changing, “all the fervor goes into the whistle” to fight domestic issues-on the street you are unlikely to pull them out.

London-attracts and thereby steals the best staff from around the world, saves on education and social benefits a lot of money. Thus does not allow the proletariat to turn around, to arise.

Establishment is not an elite – it is the upper middle class.

Stiff upper lip-never show emotion

Well, either you read like a book, and you’re guaranteed to lose. In fact, the policy of the Anglo-Saxons-a bluff, a long 400 years. Therefore it is necessary to train to bluff in long for decades-it is possible only at full atrophy of emotions that they also introduce from 6 years.

Closed school from 6 years – Public School

And this is the key point. Almost complete abandonment of parenting, from caring for them, from creating them the security and space of parental love. Placing them in a separate school for education means reformatting of consciousness and psyche.

Cruel to children. Parent even the most frostbitten will not be able to break the psyche of the child personally – still by nature we love our offspring and pamper, indulge, become attached to them. Thus, we make them weak and vulnerable rulers, but living people.

Everything is at stake here! Let them be with a frostbitten heart, but the rulers of the whole world.

Before 6 years is impossible, because there will be serious disturbances in the psyche, later 6, later – the result will not be achieved.

Closed school from 6 years – Public School

And this is the key point. Almost complete abandonment of parenting, from caring for them, from creating them the security and space of parental love. Placing them in a separate school for education means reformatting of consciousness and psyche.

Cruel to children. Parent even the most frostbitten will not be able to break the psyche of the child personally – still by nature we love our offspring and pamper, indulge, become attached to them. Thus, we make them weak and vulnerable rulers, but living people.

Everything is at stake here! Let them be with a frostbitten heart, but the rulers of the whole world.

Before 6 years is impossible, because there will be serious disturbances in the psyche, later 6, later – the result will not be achieved.

Conscious suffering of children

It is a mandatory tool for their reformatting. The expression of emotion in 6 years, is considered a sign of weakness – i.e. the rat race for survival with 6 years. Emotions take root. This means that when the question arises, and it will arise – to detonate an entire innocent people, including women and young children – their hand will not waver for a second. Beg for mercy through tears, pity and crawling on his knees-will not work, it does not touch them at all. Their hearts are frozen.

You can find on YouTube a record with a question from a journalist to Madeleine Albright – whether the invasion of Iraq cost the death of 500 thousand Iraqi children. It is without a drop of embarrassment, without flinching responded, Yes, it was.
Education of hypocrisy, raised to a degree from 6 years

Sneaky, insidious and hypocritical – a priori has an advantage in politics and business in relation to others. Hypocrisy, elevated to a degree-is the main competitive advantage over other elites.

Hypocritical can beat only the wise and unselfish with a pure/open heart, but those are easy to slander, and in politics are not allowed and never allowed. In the upper echelons of power such people are very rare.

System of codes and school rituals

Medals, promotions, uniforms, ties, class hatred. The study of philosophy, for example, forms a special language of communication, a picture of the world and dislike for those who do not understand such “elementary things”. Building-system your alien and secure lock at the entrance.

Religious fanatical self-confidence

Self-confidence is the most, the most, the most key skill in life. It is the backbone or pillar of your success, if I may say so – that strung your all, Yes you are.

Confident in front of baffled even those who are stronger and right. Confident leaders influence people like hypnosis. Confidence in itself is strength. It is very difficult to bring up a skill, so you should start from childhood. Our schools don’t even think about it.

In a good way, confidence should be based on something-facts, skills, knowledge, skills, natural strength, advantage, or something else. Religious certainty doesn’t need any base is fanatical, very strong.

I’m better because I’m just better without any explanation or reason – try to convince such a fanatic, well, or at least not to give in to him! Confidence cannot be played or simulated. Even such masters of the bluff and theatergoers as the British. Confidence must be in the blood, in the brain,in every cell of the body, otherwise it is not considered. And only then it works.

Religious confidence makes people fanatics. Well, the fact that most successful people were fanatics is a well – known fact. Here is their education preparing fanatics.

Confidence-will also give part of the immunity from depression, guilt, regret and the like – for any crimes. The wolf does not and cannot have feelings of guilt, regret or depression because he ate a sheep.

It also means that class hatred is the key to self-preservation and protection from karma. If we assume that all people are created in the likeness of God – then the protection will not work.

Fanatical confidence is “lack of” is to maintain it regularly to kill someone and someone is constantly humiliated.

Fanatical confidence protects against bad karma

A person who has confidence on the level of God – can not have bad karma, because he is the Creator of all things. God doesn’t punish himself. And karma is still built at the subconscious level at the time of socialization, but by nature or from God it is not.

The usual Earthman karma will not be able to circumvent in any way, even there is almost no chance. But with elite education from childhood, you can build processes that protect against it.

You can write a separate article or even a book about the ways of avoiding karma among the elites. They are very sensitive to this issue. Briefly a few paragraphs still write.

Karma came up with yoga guru Hindus to maintain the caste system and the people in subjection. Thousands of years of inequality and exploitation of the masses in India – confirms that karma does not exist – the elites did not have anything for it.

What is called the ” laws of nature “or karma – something like” sow the wind, reap the storm, “” do good and get good in return ” and other crap-at some point is realized – it is an illusion. But without a game of karma can ” go roof.”

Therefore, Castaneda proposed to continue to adhere to these laws, as if karma or the laws of nature – exist. Elite this method is not suitable.

The British elite against karma is saved in the system of rituals. If the elite will live with karma-then again, they will not be able to betray, Rob, kill and genocide the innocent, and therefore risk losing power.

“Don’t let your morality get in the way of making the right decisions»,
— Isaac Asimov “The Academy.”

This is their motto, what kind of karma can we talk about? They have to map the power set of all – they won’t stop and such are brought up initially.

Violence at school is a mandatory element of consciousness formatting

Earlier parting with the family, deprivation of normal relations and the atmosphere of love, care, security and getting into the lair of predators in which their parents give their own hands. Very cruel step – I can not even imagine how many children cry the first years.

Beatings and bullying – mandatory element of of special training duplicity and suppression of of emotions. Never cry, never show enthusiasm, desires and other things-otherwise beat. Do not warn about this rule – the maximum approximation to the “real conditions” that await them in the future, in politics.

In movies sometimes slip the footage of the brutal initiation rites of the elite of the Anglo-Saxon schools, with beatings and humiliation, which is compulsory.

So we came to the most key skill, brought up in British schools. Actually, it was under him, and it was necessary to abandon parents to create a school with full Board. Violence and lack of love are key ingredients for “nurturing” who? Who knows? Try to guess!

Yes, for the education of psycho serial killers! And some just enough to witness the crime and live without love, to continue to become maniacs. They were motivated by such a desire for violence and bloodlust that they could not stop until they were stopped by others.

Age in 6 years and here it is no coincidence chosen. If earlier – it’ll definitely be maniacs, serial killers. And after 7 years the skill of a predator may not be vaccinated. The British educate their children polymenakou – perfect predators. This is their main secret of elite education. I don’t think you’d want to raise your kids the same way. Although uncertain about liberals, but most do not have children.

Of course, that with this education there is guaranteed a deep urge to kill, which they are not able to resist! What they actually do all their story. Of not having explanations for all this – the roof goes. Accumulated sadness, a split personality, for the secret itself, and the public itself. Spies are also made in a private school-the method is quite possible.

It is believed that the Anglo-Saxons kill to Rob and steal other people’s wealth. But with this education we all can argue what comes first in their political culture – a robbery or murder. Most likely the second-it turns into need at such education.

British private school-the most successful eugenic project

After all the above, there are no comments. According to the Professor, Saveliev-negative selection or evolution lasts thousands of years. And here it is raised to a power.

“Try to negotiate with the crocodile»

It is dangerous that the Russian elite sends their children to study there. It is an alien culture to outsiders and is incompatible with nothing else. And for their existence we need a serious system of checks and balances. Otherwise it will be a war and the type of the roses.

Therapists specializing in the problems of graduates of private schools

And the problems are delicate. You can’t tell them to anyone. Well, imagine a representative of the elite comes to the psychotherapist and says: next to his house there is a neighbor’s girl of 8 years, such a cutie that he wants to rape her, and then kill her. Or kill and then rape.

Well, or dad brings his son, who is engaged in this periodically, and the police are tired of covering. Well, how to treat this? Or run to the police? Naturally, they would not tell anyone such a problem-only a kindred soul, which in itself understands the severity of the situation and the “pain” that the patient feels.

That is why The British elite has problems with pedophilia and periodically such scandals emerge because the scale can not be hidden. At least something needs to be let out, to bleed, so to speak, otherwise the people will revolt. That is why they want to legitimize pedophilia – ie out of the risk zone.

And Nabokov’s novel Lolita was like milk on the soul. Nabokov 4 times nominated for the Nobel prize, but probably afraid to give – too scandalous topic.

In any case, about pedophilia Anglo – Saxon elites now POPs up a lot of information-trump is actively pedaling this topic, hundreds of people from establishment-and in the States were publicly exposed as pedophiles, and some were convicted. He hits their most vulnerable spot. There will be new revelations. Although definitely not all expose – it’s impossible, they are all like that.

That is why they are drawn to sex with elements of sadomasochism – such people are very difficult to relax otherwise. As far as I know, sadomaso doesn’t take root anywhere else, like they do. The second way to relax for palomnikov to kill. I think that’s enough to make a wooden stake.

What conclusions can be drawn?

They are very dangerous and it is impossible to make friends with them – they will deceive and kill in any case. The manifestation of a moment of weakness at the state level-like death.

If they are not stopped, they will destroy the entire planet. It is impossible to cure or limit such a need, so they always betray and will betray.

They are intelligent, but not smarter than us, and do not possess supernatural mental skills or wisdom. Half-maniacs are serial killers. Predatory cunning and meanness, coupled with fanatical self – confidence and faith in impunity-that’s their main “elite skill”. In other words-they can be replayed, there would be a desire.

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