Тайна корейского фантома

To know the true background of the events that took place thirty-one years ago in the night sky over Sakhalin and the sea of Okhotsk is as difficult as to prove and confirm the truth of the landings of Americans to the moon. In both cases, the apparent simplicity and irrefutability of the West’s stubbornly promoted version reveals something quite different…

Meanwhile, it is necessary to understand, despite all the obvious inconsistencies. After all, the incident of 1983 was a convenient excuse for Washington and its allies to unleash another paranoid and hysterical company against the Soviet Union, contributed to the unity of the anti-Communist bloc. President Ronald Reagan found another reason to confirm his earlier thesis about the USSR as an “evil Empire” – a term borrowed from the movie “Star wars”. Part of the Soviet elite Western propaganda attack scared so much that she two years later with both hands voted for the coming to power of our favorite geopolitical rivals Mikhail Gorbachev.

Once again, it makes no sense to talk in detail about the events of September 1983: the number of newspaper articles about the downed South Korean Boeing is in the thousands, books were written about it and films were made. Let me just remind you that the most important accusation against the Soviet Union is the disproportionate use of force against the civilian liner of the South Korean airline Corian airlines, which was on the first day of autumn 1983 on flight 007 new York-anchorage – Seoul, resulting in the death of 269 passengers and crew members.


But to this day, many facts work against the Western version of the”peace plane”. This is a significant deviation of the Boeing from the flight route of more than five hundred kilometers, which began almost immediately after takeoff from anchorage.

In response, we are told that the pilots simply made a mistake. But how much does history know of cases when passenger aircraft with experienced pilots, who had not once or twice flown on this route, went so far to the side?

And for some reason, the us air traffic control services did not warn Korean pilots that they were flying the wrong course?

Until now, there is no clear answer to the question of why the “new” route of flight 007 ran exactly over Kamchatka, the Kuriles and Sakhalin – in other words, areas that have had and still have strategic importance for the defense of our country. Again object: what such information could be collected by the civil plane if everything and so is visible from satellites. Well, first, from orbit through the veil of the earth’s atmosphere is not noticeable even now. And, secondly, one of the possible targets of call for the possible invasion of our airspace and consisted of data collection about organization of the Soviet air defense systems, who were forced to work on the violator.

Another question that has not received a clear answer from the West is the synchronization of the flight of the South Korean aircraft with the American intelligence satellite ferret – D and the American spy plane.

In addition, the incident occurred against the background of the incessant provocations of Washington in 1983, which was brazen to the point that even authorized the simulation of bombing on one of our military airfields in the Kuriles.

And the main question to which there is no answer: how could the pilots of Corian airlines not see the Soviet military aircraft that was next to them, which indicated its presence and swaying wings, and warning fire. Moreover, they also tried to leave, taking a higher echelon.

Suspicions are even more heightened when you learn that in April 1978, another airliner “Corian airlines” flight 902, EN route from Paris to Seoul through the same anchorage, also “lost” and, probably, quite by accident appeared in the sky over our other important area – the Kola Peninsula. He was forced to land, after passing the formalities passengers were released, pilots were not punished, and expelled from the Soviet Union. This is a fairly well-known fact, but few of us know that in 1992 one of the authoritative South Korean magazines published an article that contained the recognition of the captain of the flight “Corian airlines” in relations with the CIA. It was on the eve of Boris Yeltsin’s trip to Seoul, when he handed over the “black boxes” of the flight 007 – maybe no one told him that in connection with the above-mentioned publication it was advisable to postpone such a ceremony for a more detailed study of the issue.

The presence of special services is very strongly felt in the incident over Sakhalin

The commander of the “Boeing” Chung Ben Ying was at one time the personal pilot of the South Korean ruler Park Jung-Hee.

Work with the top officials of the state implies a mandatory procedure for passing the inspection through the special services, even, rather, long-term cooperation with them. However, both then and today, South Korean intelligence can not be completely independent in its actions – it is in the same team with the Americans. But that’s not all. The influential South Korean newspaper “Choson Ilbo” then posted a message about the landing of the allegedly shot down “Boeing” on Sakhalin, citing CIA data. But on a similar collaboration of journalists with intelligence agencies, and even foreign to be accepted.

There is also a statement posted on the Internet by an American whose father, a personnel scout, did not Board flight 007 just ten minutes before departure – on the advice of his colleagues. But the most amazing thing is the works of Western “writers”, telling that in fact,” Boeing ” was not shot down, but was only forced to land on the territory of the island administrative-territorial unit of the USSR. The question about the future of passengers is given a simple answer: they are kept in the Gulag, because in Siberia there are still special “secret” camps. As” evidence ” are cases of phone calls to relatives made by those who were supposed to die thirty years ago. For example, engineer, obshivanii electronic systems on Board the Korean airliner, suddenly called mother, but only managed to tell that he was all right, and then immediately hung up. There were also reports that the passengers of the Boeing were often met by their friends, but the” resurrected “pretended that they were mistaken.

So, has a right to exist, and the version of “reliable sources” that in fact instead of a passenger “Boeing” was shot down a similar shape American reconnaissance aircraft. The liner was put on an American military base in Japan, and all passengers were given new identity cards and a good monetary compensation, while ordering them to remain silent. If so, the Westerners are well aware that sooner or later the awl will come out of the bag, and then a huge scandal is inevitable. To avoid it, and started the fable about “the current GULAG”.

In favor of the fact that the incident with the “Boeing” was well orchestrated, say a few other similar cases, dated the same 1983 year.

The most resonant is the attempt on the South Korean dictator-President Chung Doo-hwan during his visit to Burma in early October, which was named in Japanese and South Korean sources as “the incident in the tomb of Aung San”. Let me remind you briefly: according to the Protocol, Chun Do hwan was to visit the mausoleum in honor of the founder of independent Burma in the capital of this state. The President for some reason of late, sending in advance the place of the ceremony of its Ambassador in this country. However, the mausoleum had an explosion that claimed the lives of about thirty people, including the Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of foreign Affairs and the Minister of energy. Judging by the photo taken a few minutes before the incident, representatives of the highest political establishment of South Korea, lined up, waiting for their boss.

After the incident, the Burmese military caught two allegedly North Korean agents who were part of a subversive group and allegedly staged this terrorist act. Everything seems to be converging, until physical evidence is seized and performers. But why so far no one has bothered to clearly explain the reason for the delay of Chung Doo-hwan to the memorial cemetery, explain how North Korean agents could penetrate into the territory of the tomb, which was guarded by about two hundred security officers of the South Korean President, not counting the Burmese security forces, and install two mines of huge explosive force there. And why the North Korean merchant ship, which allegedly landed a group of saboteurs, was from 4 to 11 October in the port of Colombo, that is, far from the scene. And why would Jong Du hwan, on his return to Seoul, not removed from his posts neither the head of the intelligence service, nor the head of his own security. Yes, allegedly North Korean agents have been caught, but who will guarantee that these are not South Korean intelligence officers who were given the task to impersonate the “brothers” from the North? However, no one has published photos of these people so far. And there was no reason for the North Koreans to “run” into a scandal that resulted in the rupture of diplomatic relations with Burma, a country with which trade was very profitable for Pyongyang and Rangoon. Now, decades later, these two countries are again drawn to each other, like magnets, on the basis of anti-Western sentiments. However, a year before the South Koreans claimed that their leader wanted to kill-it is clear who-in Canada. It’s starting to sound paranoid.

Even more mysterious event occurred in August of the same 1983, when in the sea of Japan the South Korean military ship, “Gangwon-do” allegedly drowned North Korean high-speed reconnaissance vehicle. More precisely, this was done by a helicopter taking off from the ship with an “a-C-12” missile, which, according to the South Koreans, is designed to fire at ground targets. Strange thing is, there is no information about the successful use of “air-C-12” in the sea of Japan anywhere else, except in South Korean sources. And different versions of what happened. According to one of them, the South Koreans stepped on the deck of the wreck, on the other – it just sank, and again no photos. But as the evidence exposed for all to see the helicopter, the fuselage of which was adorned with a sign destroyed military vessel of the enemy. “Weighty” proof, I see.

In the case of Boeing, the Americans pursued not only the goal of finding out the details of the functioning of the Soviet air defense system, but also wanted to prevent the rapprochement of Seoul with Moscow.

South Korean dictator General Park Jung-Hee (President of the country in 1963-1979), apparently, was very burdened by his total dependence on Washington. He therefore, to the extent possible, looking for “outs” in Moscow. One of the first signs – thanks to the Soviet leadership for the rapid resolution of the issue with the passengers and crew of flight 902, made, I note, in the complete absence of diplomatic relations. This line was continued and at the next military ruler Chong Du Hwan, then having also American or Japanese citizenship, South Korean walkers, having received a visa, visited our foreign Ministry to persuade us to establish relations with Seoul. After the incident with Boeing, these visits to the foreign Ministry ended, South Korea was seized by a wave of anti-Soviet hysteria…

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