О феномене кочующих элит

Many years of efforts to create a zone of Western (and especially American) influence in a number of former Soviet republics are beginning to lead to interesting side effects: the emergence of nomadic political elites. What is (political) elite in principle? In the terminology of Gumilev with drive and the most active part of the forth, seeking to capture and retain political power. From a procedural point of view, this is indeed the case.

However, any political elite does not exist in a vacuum, but in society. And from this point of view, it is also:

— strata with limited access;

— a group that, despite its limited access, is closely linked to the society within which it exists.

If there is no such connection and the group lives” under itself without feeling the country”, its claims to the power seldom exceed the usual political cycle regulated by the electoral legislation. But this is the ideal. Because on the periphery of Pax Americana, different rules apply.

Pioneers in this case, probably, should be considered the Baltic republics, where nomadic elites took power in the early 90’s. And in the case of the Baltic States we are talking about the highest quality elite of this kind — direct deliveries from the United States. In the future we will have to deal with “local production under license”. This significantly reduced the quality, but strengthened the term itself. Because now in the same Ukraine (in the words of Tymoshenko) goes “infection of good” from Georgia and Lithuania. However, it is the Ukrainian health Ministry, in principle, no matter who put. And when it comes to the Ministry of Finance, they prefer to put the staff, proven work in the state Department (Natalie Ann Dzharesko, also known as Natalia Yaresko).

However, it is Ukraine, it seems, became the ground running updated versions of the control border States — the landing of troops management of small and proud republics “which have happened.” And Parallels with other aspects of our brave new world so much that the eyes run.

1. In principle, this is another step towards corporatocracy, i.e. the management of individual States (albeit with fictitious sovereignty) as one big TNC. In fact, this is the transfer of the well-known business practice of appointing expats to key positions for TNCs in the country of presence. At the same time, it is not necessary that they will send it from the head office – and there are not so many people who want it, and it is expensive. And why: everything is debugged to automatism, and in the third world personnel is cheaper and more motivated?

2. In fact, the maximum Erasure of cultural differences is the key to the stability of such a system — that for business, that for the States, lovingly building the Frontier of the Free World. Therefore, when the current Ukrainian government is overthrown, it will also not be left out of business. And will go to share experience of reforms, say, to Moldova. Or back to Georgia.

3. In the end, overseas realized that “do not be ashamed of their complexes” (in the sense of ambitions in the geopolitical architecture). If even for the toddlers group is not a secret the fact that the border States creates a hostile zone around Russia, then why bother to pretend that the US has no relations to the next shoots of freedom, coming from another Maidan, whether Kiev, Chisinau, Tbilisi, Bishkek? Much easier in advance to have a traveling troupe (it’s hard to resist the comparison to the short story “the Incredible and sad story about the ingenuous Erendira and her heartless grandmother” G. G. Marquez). By the way, so even cheaper, better handling, and some no guarantee against the corruption of the local business (anticipating the delights note — local business. In fact, citizens like Saakashvili are on the eternal content of the state Department — where and by whom they would not work).

4. And, of course, the planting of nomadic elites is directly related to the main scenario of the United States for the rest of the world — controlled chaos. Such a government is minimally linked to the society that is put in charge.

And means:

— Sit can only “on bayonets”, its legitimacy is fully provided by the external Manager.

— In the border States almost certainly will not have people’s liberation movement or the local elite groups contesting the right of the external Manager to dispose of in domestic and foreign policy. At least because every few years the Manager plays one of the performances (“democratic elections”, “revolution”), during which one protégé changes the other.


Ukraine is in this respect in leaders — on the nomadic Saakashvili has seriously spoken of as the successor to Poroshenko.

And the amazing thing is that now what is happening is perceived by the majority as the norm. In 5 years the new President of the next budding democracy (not Armenia, let it be not Armenia) will receive the ready Cabinet of Ministers from the trained “nomads”immediately after the inauguration.

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