Тихая гражданская война в Германии

The political picture in Germany is changing rapidly. If you look at it from the outside, you can write “changed beyond recognition.” If you know the driving forces of change, everything will look amazingly logical.

Remember – not so long ago shot the head of the administrative district of Kassel and ally Angela Merkel CDU Walter lubke? The second suspect in this case was arrested. And – as conveniently it turned out – he, of course, was associated with the “right-wing extremist scene.” You won’t write anything – it is really connected, and for it served since 2006. It is clear – the newspaper began to write about the “right terror”, all the cases, and Chancellor Merkel said that now with the right political scene “we must fight, rejecting all taboos.”

Please remember that this expression Without Taboo

Not only is it a direct invitation to a witch hunt. It is also deeply false and hypocritical. Why? Because the identity of the alleged offender is linked to the so-called case of NSU (Nationalsozialistischer Untergrund) – a self-proclaimed Nazi underground, which was attended by a force of five people, of whom only one lady survived. They were involved in the killing of immigrants – starting with the Turkish shaverma traders and ending with the murder of a female police officer in the line of duty. It was in 1998-2011 and ended with the defeat of a terrorist cell with the completely random death of the main participants before the trial. After that, no Nazis remained in Germany at all. In any case, the far right has become unfashionable – exactly until the moment when the immigration wave of 2015 began to cover the social institutions of Germany and the first disgruntled appeared.

But, linking the murder of politician lubke with the NSU case, the German Chancellor did not say one thing: all the materials of the NSU case are closed to the public and the press for 120 years. Who here was indignant that some cases of NKVD are closed on 50? Get an example of a civilized country.

And how to fight, “rejecting taboos”, with the legacy of the NSU, if the case itself is closed for more than a century? By the way, why is it closed? The fact that in the course of the investigation leaked, for example, here are some interesting details of the crimes of the new Nazis: in at least two cases of murders of Turkish kebabs within walking distance were agents of the service for the protection of the Constitution (as in Germany called political investigation). And no one even asked the question: what were they doing there? But further more – when two members of the gang shot directly on the square in the car the woman police officer, nearby, except agents of political investigation of Germany, there were two secret agents of the American intelligence services who watched all this. Or was it? No answer – come back in 120 years, let’s talk. Because taboo.

The fact that the far right movement, all these neo-Nazis and other brutal guys – the invention of the German intelligence services of the postwar period, confirms the fact that the party NPD, the maximum right, which is possible by law, being brought to trial for a series of speeches (not crimes), was 20% consisting of agents of the office for the protection of the Constitution under cover (and the party elite – 100%). And this is not a fantasy, this is what a hundred times was written in the German press, credible. And says a lot about the roots of local “Nazism”.

In the absence of real, coherent Nazism in Germany, the label began to hang on all the dissenters and all who remained in the center, when the politicians of the big parties ran for Greta Tunberg and her completely left clientele. And here is a logical event.

On the territory of the giant enterprise called “Harzweiler” invaded about 20 thousand well-Packed young people in the same overalls and masks allegedly from the dust: one organized group was engaged in the assault of equipment for coal mining, the other blocked for two days the railway branch through which coal is sent to the power plant that feeds the entire North Rhine – Westphalia, the third trampled the fields of farmers, the fourth attacked the police, who arrived to prevent accidents (from the edges of the quarry). – 50 metres open), the fifth marched to nearby villages (this is called a “strategy of open palms”: five groups – five fingers to scatter police forces).

The result is at least a massive violation of four laws of the local criminal code and eight injured police officers

Guess who it was? And these were the dandelion girls from the FFF movement (“Friday for the future”) Greta Tunberg, who has its own local climate-the Fuhrer Lisa Neubauer. These girls teamed up with ecoterrorists from the Ende Gelände movement, known for attacks on industrial enterprises, which, in their opinion, do not fit into the schedule of exit from the “dirty economy”. And what is most interesting – behind them are all the same left-wing groups that carried Hamburg to the G20 in 2017.

The most interesting thing is that the main “people’s” Newspapers lisping with them, calling them “activists”, instead of saying that they are at least offenders, attacking the police, invading private property and interfering with the work of strategically important enterprises (for each of these points there is a separate article of the criminal code). It’s that they beat the cops… “they’re children.”

We can all imagine what would happen if during the existence of the party AfD at least one afternic I would fight the COP “violence, right-wing coup, the March of the Nazis” and so on. And then silence and sweetly grimassi politicians and newsmen. Is it any wonder that the sympathy for The AFD party is so strong in the power structures? As one of the commentators of Die Welt wrote: “the AfD party should at least once go out with climate activists named after Greta Tunberg, along with posters “You stole our future” to disperse environmentalists once and for all.” In the meantime, published statistics, how many attacks on politicians and offices: most – on AfD, 150, and least of all – on Linke (left), 18. So you know who’s attacking who here.

Bet on the “green” agenda is already bearing fruit in the form of a split of the ruling party

Because Merkel is a populist in their dances with the “kids for climate” moved the party of the CDU to the left so that when the current leader of the party, a lady named ACC said it was time the Christian democratic party to return to its place in the conservative policy center, she was charged…. that’s right – in flirting with right-wing extremists.

Left-green madness, which so motherly approved of mother Merkel, based on anti-scientific, deeply demagogic slogans, has already gone out of control. The idea, which even the most ardent activists can not explain the human language, mastering the dark and stupid masses. And this is a very unpleasant symptom, reminiscent of the previous stages of the Germans Hobbies idealistic theories.

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