Черный расизм поставил Южноафриканскую республику на грань гражданской войны

The story of how the former “breadbasket of black Africa” – southern Rhodesia, defeating racism and taking away the white land, turned into a Zimbava – the world champion in inflation, many know. Now, by taking land from the white decided to go to South Africa – a member of the BRICS and Russia’s partner. Given that radicalism is again popular with both whites and blacks, this story will also end badly.

Scandalous bill allowing the government to expropriate land from white farmers in favor of black, South Africa’s Parliament approved last week. It is a “forced ransom”, and Pretoria believes that this is” the most important decision since the fall of apartheid”, which should”put an end to historical injustice”. President Jacob Zuma and the leadership of the ruling African national Congress (ANC) specifically stipulate that the process “should not lead to bloodshed”, as happened in neighboring Zimbabwe. But it is unlikely that the situation in South Africa has been heated over the past year, clashes between white and black youth have become a daily news background, and the government and the ANC do not stop internal strife.

Pay and repent

It’s time to say it clearly and distinctly: throughout the country there is terror against the white population, especially noticeable, by the way, in rural areas, as in large cities white fenced off from the hostile world around the blocks, surrounded by two-meter walls with barbed wire. One after another, there are trials against members of underground or semi-underground organizations of the “white resistance”. And such an explosive law, breaking the entire social and economic structure of the country, can be the last straw, and then it can happen terrible.

The possibility of expropriating white land is provided for in the new Constitution, but there was no procedure before. “We confirm that the land will be returned to our people,” Zuma warned, speaking at the celebration on the occasion of the next anniversary of the APK. Just a month before, the President had happily escaped impeachment: South Africa’s constitutional court had accused Zuma of” disrespect for the Constitution, ” but Parliament had voted against his removal from power. In particular, Zuma was blamed for the consumption of a fabulous budget amounts for the reconstruction of the “kraal Nkanta” – his ancestral village in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, which the President has turned into a personal luxury residence. Freed from the threat of impeachment, Zuma began to strip potential opponents in the ANC, removing from office, for example, the Prime Minister of the province of KwaZulu-Natal, Senzo Mchunu, who apparently knows too much (formally, this removal was framed as a decision of the Central Committee of the ANC, but voiced personally by the President).

Against this background, student unrest has not subsided in the country for six months. Particularly strong the situation escalated in February, when black students burned down a building at northwestern University in Mafikeng, demanding to stop teaching in the Afrikaans language. In Mafiqeng teaching is multilingual, but English is known to all three, because the teaching was supposed to be translated into tswan and Zulu – Yes, in these languages it is very problematic to teach, for example, physics and English literature, but it would immediately cut off from the education of white students-drills. At the same time, the” rebels for justice “destroyed the famous gallery of works of art and monuments of” apartheid”, located on the same campus.

This is now in fashion: here and there black students spoil and break monuments to historical figures-the founders or former curators of universities, starting with a huge statue of Cecil Rhodes at the University of Cape town. At the University of Stellenbosch a few days poured red paint on the statue of Jaap Mare-a long-term sponsor of the University and the famous politician, who began a simple militia during the Anglo-Boer war, and at the end of life demanded from the then British Prime Minister Tony Blair to apologize for the atrocities of the time. And while black students paint the Lily, a girl from the Boers as methodically this paint washed. It ended with a massacre on campus, and the white girl was literally harassed by activists of the “struggle for civil rights”.

Further-more. Universities started to expel professors who gave lectures in Afrikaans, good tone began fighting with students Boers. The culmination came during a Rugby match (the dominant sport in South Africa) on the Field of the University of the Free Orange State in Bloemfontein, when the fight between black and white completely out of control. The government had to temporarily close three major universities away from sin.

In such a situation, President Zuma pushed through the ANC-controlled Parliament the law on the confiscation of” white ” land. Strictly speaking, this is not exactly a law, but an amendment to the already existing “Law on restitution of land rights”, which was adopted in the 1990s and limited the filing of applications in 1998. For 18 years, the topic was gone, but the adopted amendment extends until the summer of 2019. That is, a formal heir to the earth should come to court and argue that his ancestors owned some land, and then came the evil white people and the land appropriated. However, the applicant may waive the right of ownership of land and to be satisfied with monetary compensation, which he will be required to pay the white farmers.

Until 1998, about 80,000 applications were submitted, and the vast majority asked for money, not land. Now it is expected about five times more, and the biggest bomb under the country is going to put extravagant king Zulu Goodwill Zvelitini. His application includes not only the historical province of KwaZulu-Natal, but also goes beyond it – in the Eastern Cape, Kara, Free Orange Republic and Mpumalanga (Nelspruit). The king is ready to show generosity and not to expel farmers from their land – if, of course, he is paid. “Where restitution is not possible, an alternative should be sought in the form of financial compensation,” said his lawyer Jerome Ngwenya.

Great grinding

Map of South Africa


South Africa is a country with a harsh climate and salty soils, and no more than 15% of the land is suitable for agricultural use. But these 15% were used wisely. Africa are prone to soil erosion, and the Afrikaners brought the protection of the soil to perfection, as are methods of farming. As a result, South Africa not only fully meets its food needs with a rapidly growing population due to the influx of migrants, but also exports 140 types of fruit to Europe, China and America. All this is kept on traditional family farms drills, the size of which is sometimes really impressive-so it happened historically. The very history of their formation is such that the “land restitution” named after Zuma can finally undermine the foundations of the already problematic state and unleash an open civil war.

People outside South Africa and Zimbabwe, to put it mildly, have a distorted view of the history of local land, territorial and race relations. Including the Russians, the capable part of which grew up on the Soviet propaganda cliches about apartheid, racism and the national liberation movement. Description of the history of the distant and few interesting country was as follows: evil Europeans, on the basis of selfish and capitalist considerations, landed on the southern tip of Africa, by force of arms subdued peaceful black people and took away the land on which peaceful peoples have lived since ancient times and the fruits of which were used.

It is not so. Where landed the first settlers (they were mostly Dutch and French-Huguenots, who later made up the nation of Africans, that is, the current Cape province and Kara), no one lived. Moving inland occurred simultaneously with the colonization of North America, but in much more difficult conditions Savannah and semi-desert. The Boers left in an organized way (this was called the” track”), on the famous covered carts pulled by oxen, and most importantly – not quite voluntarily, because they were squeezed out by the British, who gained control of the southern coast of the continent after the Napoleonic wars. And in the desert and Bush lived the Hottentots (aka Hoi-Hoi and Bushmen) – the nomadic tribes of the capoid race, still have no idea about private property. And they did not have any land which could be cynically to select and assign.

Africans differed exceptional Protestant diligence and no other occupation, except agriculture, did not know until the Second world war. They weren’t fluffy, but they were definitely white – just like the English. But the English expansion forced them to move deeper into the continent, and it all ended with a “Great track” – a mass Exodus of drills on their bloody carts away from the English colonial rule, on the plateau of the wild, where they first encountered the Bantu-speaking people of Zulu, who moved towards them. Zulu at that time was going through some kind of ethnic prosperity, which in history is called the very precise word “mfecane” – “grinding”. Driven by drought, they moved West and North of their historical range, destroying the clans they encountered on the road, including their relatives. Seizing the village, the Zulus killed all men and boys, but many knew of their approach in advance and left. The result was a “Domino effect”: the territory of modern KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng, Limpopo, Zimbabwe was captured by the ruthless Zulu. And the survivors or huddled in the impassable mountains then (Lesotho), or fled to the North and completely wild in an unfamiliar climate. So far, no one has counted how many neighbors were destroyed during the MFI Zulu, but the bill goes to hundreds of thousands, some say two million. And this-not knowing firearms. Eyewitnesses (mostly Christian missionaries) testified to the thousands of dying of hunger small clans who fled from the Zulus as much as to the Great lakes. There, in the jungle and tropical climate, former Bush and weld residents died EN masse from colds and malaria.

Zulu on earth never worked, it was considered shameful occupation, worthy only slaves. All Zulu men were only trained to war, and the tribe leaders in the Chuck, and Dingiswayo Mzilikazi was a one big military camp. And now it is come the Boers with their wagons, Buffalo, guns, beards and the Bible. First, what did the Zulus, and killed and ate Afrikaner parliamentarians. A series of border clashes began, which resulted in a more or less clear border between the Zulu Empire and the two Boer republics-the Transvaal and the Orange Free Republic.

Thus, there can be no claims of “land grabbing by poor Negroes” to the Boers. Africans almost three hundred years generation after generation plowed almost unsuitable for agriculture Bush and Veld, planted grapes and fruit, and where there was at least some water, collected herds of Buffalo and ostriches. Then they caught up with the British, all accumulated had to throw – and go into the unknown. Of course, racism is not canceled, then he was the norm for all Europeans, but for many local tribes it was better to work on the farm at the drill than to fall under the ax Zulus.

This short period of peace ended when the British found the diamonds. After that, they were unstoppable. In 1879, they invaded the Zulu Empire and destroyed it in six months. The power of Queen Victoria spread throughout South Africa, except for the Boer republics, but they were conquered during the two Boer wars, in which the British demonstrated a rare cruelty. It was then that concentration camps were invented, mass shootings, total destruction of property and destruction of civil infrastructure became normal practice. The Boers in response used the tactics of guerrilla warfare, but the forces were not equal.

However, in some regions the British tried to negotiate with the tribal leaders of the Zulus on a private basis. For example, Cecil Rhodes officially bought from Lobengula-leader Ndebele (a Zulu-separated tribe living in present – day Zimbabwe and Zambia) – the right to develop his land. The equivalence of the transaction can be challenged from a high moral standpoint, but the fact that it was legal for both Contracting parties is beyond doubt. And in 1884 the leader of Dinuzulu, faced with a conspiracy, called on the neighbours, the Boers of the Transvaal, to deal with the rebels, promising help for this approximately 10 400 square kilometres of land, approximately one third of the whole of Zululand. And after the victory of the Boer mercenaries over the “opposition”, oddly enough, he fulfilled his promise by transferring the territory to the Transvaal. And the question arises how this deal is going to challenge the current king in court.
“One Boer – one bullet»

“Restoration of justice” in neighboring South Africa Zimbabwe ended sadly. Whites were practically expelled not only from the earth, but also from the country. Who did not agree-that killed. President Mugabe unofficially allowed the seizure of farmland not by the right of former ownership (such right simply did not exist), but simply without any compensation even for livestock and property. Priority was given to veterans of the national liberation struggle, former partisans who considered the land as a reward for their service, but they were not able to handle them and manage Buffalo. Hundreds of local goats were produced in the pasture. These goats tend to eat everything they see, with roots, and two seasons later the pastures turned into a desert. Buffalo and cows that were imported from South Africa, extinct.

Thus began a hunger. Eventually, the head of the National Bank appealed to President Mugabe to allow white farmers to return to rectify the situation. He responded to this request, which is characteristic, not the President and not even the Ministers of the economic bloc, but the head of the security service didimus Mutata, who explained to the banker that “our land is only for black people, it is ours forever, and we will not give it to anyone.” Nothing is known about the future of the banker. A person just vegetable wanted to correct.

The South African land restitution project is certainly not as cannibalistic as in Zimbabwe

But the country and so left about a million whites, but profits of up to 10 million migrants, who are much poorer than local regardless of origin. “Apartheid on the contrary” is now a common household phenomenon, despite the public-ostentatious multiculturalism. Rape does not fall on the pages of Newspapers, becoming statistics. White farmers are heavily armed.

Against this background, resumed underground activities of secret societies, including Broderbund. Of course, there is a small layer of liberal intelligentsia that continues to indulge African nationalism and revanchism. But one of her recent voices – the English – speaking Bur and Nobel laureate in literature John kutzee-suddenly wrote a poignant story “Dishonor”, which describes just the story of the death of the family farm with all the details – self-seizing, rape, painful feeling of destruction of the recently prosperous world. The head of the new white resistance in South Africa were the leaders of the youth, including the popular rockers, singing in Afrikaans (for example, Bok van blerck and Stephen Homer). The place of the killed leader of the Boer resistance Eugene Terblanche is also occupied by the young. He was killed, incidentally, on the farm, the hired seasonal workers (of course, black), but the white environment is widely discussed version of the assassination.

At first glance, it may seem that Jacob Zuma dragged such an explosive law solely to divert attention from his person – from corruption scandals, impeachment attempts and the economic crisis. But this is purely European logic. Zuma can decide to undermine one of the foundations of his country’s economy and unleash a civil war with unpredictable results for the sake of some “higher goals”. He’s actually a pagan and an official polygamist. The spirits of the ancestors may well demand the land back, even if it never belonged to them. And Yes,”one drill, one bullet.” This slogan was much more popular than the one – man-one-vote slogan adopted in Europe.

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