Гарвард. Высшее анальное!

So are you sure you dream of an elite Western education for your child? Do you realize clearly that it keeps pace with all the perversions so aggressively imposed on Western society, which is already deprived of the opportunity to protest against them? Legalization of same-sex marriages in the US by the decision of the us Supreme court is not all that is said by respected media. Few people know about the applied aspect of gender education programs that are “taught” in local kindergartens, schools and Universities.

Harvard offers its students a new course, learning about which You can lose all confidence that Your child should do there mathematics, sociology, or even the study of small rodents. Moreover, it is possible that the phrase “prestigious Western education” will soon begin to cause you involuntary disgust.

Here’s what the famous news Agency Huffington Post writes about the new course of Harvard

Harvard University offers its students a new course called “What What in the Butt: Anal Sex 101”, which translates as “what’s in the ass: anal sex 101″, designed for beginners. Apparently, the course for continuing will open a little later. During the educational process, students of the famous University of the country will learn ” the basics of preparation for anal sex, appropriate hygiene, different types of lubrication, sex toys and anal penetration.”

These classes are conducted by specially invited experts from the sex shop “Good vibrations”.

Harvard University offers a course on anal sex in an accessible form “to destroy the myths surrounding anal sex, to explain why people are engaged in this type of sex and tell how to make anal sex better.”

At Harvard, the tradition of spending weeks of sexual education there is not the first year

Kirin Gupta, co-President of the group “Sexual Health Education & Advocacy Throughout Harvard”, that is “Healthy sexual education and propaganda at Harvard”, which is engaged in the organization of weeks of sexual education, said in an interview:

“We spend a week of sexual education for the third year, and in previous years we have not touched on the topic of anal sex, but I think such activities are clearly not enough. This is part of the sexual life of a large number of people, but many do not want to talk about it, since such sex is not part of the traditional heterosexual sex life.

If we refuse to give seminars on this subject, we are thus saying that we do not need sex education, or that we should give abstinence lessons, or that people should be ashamed of some part of their sexual practices.

The protests of conservative circles against our seminars speak of latent homophobia, which society, in its own opinion, has already overcome, but in fact it is not. This reaction speaks to the remaining prejudices that people experience when faced with what they do not want to recognize or respect.”

That is, if you do not like the course of anal sex from the experts of “Good vibrations”, know that You are just a latent homophobe, nothing more.


“You want to teach us abstinence? No respect for perverts? You’re a retarded dude! Everyone has been doing it for a long time!”—tells us this girl of Indian origin, easily pereplavka their ancient culture with the perversions of sick people into a single American “melting pot”.

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