Концептуальная идея существования на постсоветском пространстве на примере Грузии

All post-Soviet republics are in a state of superheated boiler conceptual idea of its existence. They actively dislike their current role and place in the world. They want to change everything, to achieve success, which is understood in the format of “to … (Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, the United States, Qatar, Singapore).” But to achieve the goal does not work. Why — at the level of society is not understood.

Moreover, no one is going to understand the reasons. The local level of perception of the world makes the process unattainable and not interesting. They still start the world with the subjective Self.

Repeatedly I see it at the household level. It comes to a great, I say, to the ordinary official and immediately begins with him clear, “I’m giving YOU now will agree!”. That before him is not just a person, but an element of the state system, acting within the norms, rules, official powers, they do not understand in principle.

They do not want to accept a world of clear universal rules, although they publicly advocate it. The law for them is a tool for obtaining wishlist. He’s immediately forgotten as soon as it appears that the law wishlist to impossible.

Here it is the discrepancy between reality and desire is a source of growing irritation. The same Georgia take. With rare exceptions, these people do not know how to work. For myself, weed beds or the herd, yeah. But precisely because for yourself. Something mechanical to repair – too can. To trade – is also Yes. But in real life, the vast majority of businesses they are now associated with the provision of service. Lease. Cafe. It brings money, but at the level of psychology of ordinary people – very much enrages them.


In their social culture there is no automatic impersonal respect for the concept of work. Hierarchy comes first. Relatively speaking, who cleans up after whom. Anyone who is engaged in service, a priori is put on a step below. And the height of this stage is very significant. It is with us (however, also not at all) the waiter is the same person, just doing his, we need, work. They have any attendants automatically to the person are not equal.

This is where everything else starts. In our opinion, Russian tourists bring them money for a third of GDP. In their view, they mock the local fact of its existence. Got the money? Get over here and get out of the way. In Russian with them differ too greatly, the scale of attitude. For them, Georgia is something great, ancient, powerful, by weight not inferior to the rest of the world. And even superior. Do you have khachapuri there? And Hvanchkara? And kinzmarauli? No? How do you even live there?

And then come the tourists, in whose opinion Georgia, albeit beautiful, but the backwoods. They are convinced that they will get “everything as Europe” (because Georgians advertise their country this way), but very cheaply (precisely because it is really a backwater). No enthusiastic “Ah!”before the greatness of the local ideas about the country is not observed. Quite the opposite. Claims. Why does reality not correspond to the dream? Why dirty? Why the service is bad? Why around the favela? Promised Europe where?

This causes irritation among the locals. They own it. They are the heirs of a great country. And tourists to them as to people of the second grade – to waiters! Drive! All those who have come must be driven with a filthy broom! Here is this here is “jihadi” and accumulates in the boiler. Sometimes breaking these ugly fistulas.

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