Как в Гонконге аккуратно задавили майдан, не нарушив ни одну букву закона

I decided to write how specifically visited the Hong Kong Maidan and watched the process of strangling the color revolution in the Bud – moreover, bloodless and professional. These are my wishes to those who may (I hope) make decisions and will act on such events. I’ll break in the points and I don’t want to spread semolina on a white tablecloth …


Announced “we have no leader, we are self-organizing structure, we are technological, dynamic and independent.” We put everything on the phone special messenger (FireChat was in Hong Kong), which allows the phones to contact the crowd with each other directly and send messages to the chain of participants, with cellular communication turned off.

In fact, all this lies, in Hong Kong, a crowd of students coordinated elderly uncles and aunts with radios, conventional Kenwood – on these radios came the order to shout, it shouted a key participant, on the second repeat picked up his assistants (5 people on the edges of the crowd), then the crowd recklessly repeated a minute or two chant.

Ie no need to turn off your cell phones and walkie-talkies. Themselves lumpen kreakly stupid herding and panic in any case, without a shepherd they will become boring and uncool, they silently disperse.

Special messenger FireChat – a simple thing, it just gives all participants a unique identifier and using all the capabilities of the phone (Bluetooth, GSM/3G/4G, WiFi) gropes neighbors and tries to build a graph using a Protocol slightly similar to OSPF. The specificity is that in a moving crowd it can not be solved in a similar way and effectively, because hundreds of reconnects per second, and the topology is “boiling”, no convergence. Scheme of work – trying to cram the data packet is not the best route, but suboptimal for, so vpaivaetsja anyone, though in a few instances – i.e. that reached at least one, and duplicates and can be thrown back then, on the recipient.

Accordingly, the person with FireChat and the sniffer of network packets installed on the mobile phone will show a heap of messages of different subscribers – all which tried to pass through it somewhere. A couple of such people in the center of the crowd will give coverage of about 100% (in Hong Kong, the Chinese did so on the second day of the protest).

In addition – a constant scan on all wifi channels, attempts to send data in multiple instances through several different interfaces, constantly on Bluetooth – this is unusual for a mobile phone load, the battery sits down quickly (this is a stress test – constantly on screen, running active applications, active processor, all network interfaces are enabled and receive-transmit). Cutting off the possibility of charging the battery turns the crowd (in units of hours) in the dust. All run home, to read in comfort and with a fast Internet that there occurs, and, on experience, don’t come back. Psychology infantile office loser does not see the difference between “personally participate” and “actively like and comment”, and the house is easier.

Prevention of battery carrying and charging is easy to implement. The batteries of most owners of advanced modern mobile phones are non-removable. To massively charge them for a reasonable time (this is 1A per socket, and new iPhones and more would) – you need either a generator or a large battery. The generator can not be carried, there is a fuel substance (gasoline), the battery can not be carried, because it can be an explosive device (as in the cabin of the aircraft recently – only one and a small).

You see , everything is in accordance with the law and international practice. And cellular network jamming is not necessary – enough, as did humorous Chinese quilted jackets, address to send SMS of the form “Student Liu, we learned that You are expelled from the University for 5 absenteeism in a row. It does not matter – our website will help You to find your vocation. Vacancies of construction workers, waiters, drivers” – and a terrible, full of anal pain cry of a young creakle, who at a competition of 280 people for one place entered a year ago for something economic or legal, is heard even in Madagascar.


People need water and hot drinks. Without the organization of points of this within walking distance – just will not work. Accordingly, as the Chinese acted – all by law. If it’s trade , you need licenses, San.the book at the seller, it is necessary to find out – what for Yur.individuals and their owners pay for it, deliver the goods, and do all of them. All by the law, “life by the Charter.” Is the visitor involved? Got a work visa? And, no – well, it and to deport it, at once for many years, and the one who organized to attract for tax evasion and use of illegal immigrants. Immediately, i.e. quickly found the one who the owner, immediately came to the place of registration of the company, if it is not there – just a summons. You will not believe how quickly the “voluntary funds for the development of democracy”, which paid for the delivery of water in Hong Kong to the places of protest, when they were visited on the same day at the registration address of the Jur, burst.faces and verify the all – who has purchased, when, why. Amazing things about the people’s Protest were found out – all in advance, in a few months, and are financed by respected people, citizens of the UK and US.


About charging I already spoke – I will repeat; the modern protest is when, using A. Navalny’s terminology, “sheep ebany” stand, having buried in mobile phones and tablets, and wait for command. This is what it looks like “meeting successful young dynamic effective active people with their businesses, IQ=160, 3 higher and 4 spoken languages”. Hightech lumpen, anyway. Therefore – it is necessary just not to give the chance to the organization of mass charging.

Toilets. An important point of supply – toilets. Without them, too, nowhere, especially in the cold. Modern kreakl able to give advice on how to organize military operations and what sniper rifle to buy (he met such a normal American), but take a shit in the cold, he can not do, and with no toilet – just a bare field – doesn’t even know where to begin this complicated process. Accordingly, at an unsanctioned rally, the city does not put toilets, but on the authorized one – puts as much as necessary for the declared number of participants. Said a thousand and 4 hours of meeting – two cabins. If someone defecates in the city, in a place of mass congestion of people – it is an administrative offense, a fine, in case of impossibility of payment and resistance – to the Department. At the same time check the documents – if it is not a citizen of the Russian Federation, he must have a visa or tickets, if another city – registration. It everything under the law, after all you won’t be surprised if to just like that the policeman will approach at a bus stop and will ask documents? It is just “as in normal countries”, all for citizens – citizens don’t like when at them, in public places, others celebrate need.

Pro food – the same point, that and with water. Dignity books, whose equipment, where products, whether there are documents on them. After all, if someone is poisoned at such an event – to blame-that will be The Regime of This Country, of course.


If someone brings a child (we saw two years ago, when the joyful mother realize into the chamber explained that if you start beating, let the child (5 years view) will see what country living), you can start the video recording, the documents needed for the child. Documents are required from all parents – maybe the mother is a fool, and the father doesn’t know he’s written permission is given to the child was dragged to the place of danger, the child’s eyes and knocks – he, sorry, with whom to ask? With This Power Of This Country.

Therefore, the elucidation of whose child (suddenly Gypsies rent given, well, or belolentochnye organization earns paid adoption in organs in Europe), all the parents are present and aware, if not – you have to call the absent parents, to find out their attitudes, to inform that the citizen so-and-so took the child and brought him to an unauthorized rally, understanding the dangers and risks. Relatives usually find words on the phone to explain on their fingers what kind of subspecies of feces on the Bristol scale in the head of the newcomer. All this is within the law, everything that happens should be recorded on video. If the citizen who brought, the child in the passport is registered, and the divorce stamp – without the written permission of the second parent she, if by law, not only abroad can not go with the child, but also to drag him into the craters of volcanoes, on the steel mill, ride on a homemade plane and other similar events. Just on this provision of the law usually do not care all, and so it is- Yes, guys.

Minors at such events also fall under everything that is usual – that is, they need to establish their identity, contact with their parents, check for alcohol and drug intoxication, fixing the results. In case of refusal – detention before establishment, after all the child in danger – it is unclear who and somehow got on illegal mass action, it should be saved from possible risks. Sleep on a narrow bench until the morning, the sound of the steps of the duty – a great way not to get into serious trouble. Stupid ass parents will be pleased that now he is recorded in a Special Booklet, and if in his district raped a young girl in the apartment door night call tired of square people with epaulets, sounds lukausko metal and short and succinct questions.


To support those who have “no leader, dynamic modern structure”, it is necessary to put a scene with clowns in the center, otherwise modern and independent will get bored and disperse. Clowns should combine entertainment (the goal is to keep the public for the maximum time) and political propaganda. Clowns for this need money and electricity, as well as installation of the scene, perhaps some distribution (those who do not have a leader, like all synchronously waving something in advance centrally made). Without a gift souvenir well modern Manager not even look at the client, well?

Now, that’s all — it needs to be studied. Who collects the scene, has he not the right and license (remember how at the Swamp when mounting the stage structure fell and killed a worker who was to blame? in a minute after removed a corpse, from a scene told that it is-not the last victim of Putin’s regime). If electricity is supplied – what is the connection scheme, who agreed on what power that with fire, that with the ground. Remember, any force majeure will be announced by the Nasty Authorities, even if drunk kreakl just gonna stick myself in the ass power cable, in the framework of the fight against the Regime of This Country. If not – thanks guys, you are there all by his heart – hang out here without clowns.


Of course, there will be fighters – those whose task, to loosen a situation. They invested money, for many it is work. They are well computable, especially against the background of office endured. And the way they are grouped together, and communications, and a clear phase ” the order came, it’s time.” Here, of course, the experience of Hong Kong can be taken as a whole – ie fighters immediately Packed in paddy wagons. If someone tries to make barricades of improvised means – this article in terms of vandalism is damage of city property, ie, can packing at once, removing on video this episode because there is the offense. In Hong Kong did all of the police barricades, dragging plastic construction ties and tape – in Russia, people are stronger (I repent – I broke two barricades in Hong Kong purely to try how strong the local ties, and sitting in tents stooges, the number of people 30-40, limited to shouting “that’s Yu duing”, but even a dozen meters did not come – apparently, their package did not include “relish ogreti from a foreign man twice as much”) so we need something else. But all this is easily blocked – it is enough to carry out inspection and not to pass building materials to the place of the event. Let the left outside, if brought – pomitinguyut, come, take, go on the Affairs. There’s no need for building materials inside the rally area, is there?


Given the conditions of winter, you can beat a lot of things, staying within the law. For example, water cannon at sub-zero temperature can not be watered – bad. But in advance, before the rally, to fill the area – no. This is very cool – because the rally at the rink will, and attack the police – no. They’ll stand around laughing. In outlets near you can enter the patrol – if people come there to warm up, massively, it is necessary to check with the owner – whether it provides services under its license temporary stay, whether these services are paid, whether there is a check for this table, whether there is work in the rough (ie. people sit, do something, services consume – mobile phones charge, drink-eat, and to them the check is not punched). Such measures are normal, near any station there is a fight against vagrancy, by the same rules it can be conducted everywhere. If you want to warm up – make an order, pay.

Verification of documents for all participants is key. Unauthorized rally gives the law full freedom for this action – “We received a statement that riots are planned here. Please show me your passport.” It’s the law.

Maximum video recording of what is happening, all you need to know in person. In Hong Kong, there is still active work – so many respected people who receive grants for the development of Normal non-Chinese Democracy (this is when the citizens of the UK manage financial flows, not power), flew from the positions of professors, advisers – the mind is incomprehensible. So many connections turned out, corruption cases appeared – a lot of interesting things in General. And then the same will be – remember at least two years ago, a citizen Ksenia Sobchak seized 1.5 million euros in cash (despite the fact that she, as an individual entrepreneur, received at least – 8 thousand rubles a month, judging by the open accounts). And Ksenia Sobchak wildly shouted that it was her, honest money, and that she was about to prove that they earned. “Prove it,” said the investigator. After a week, Ksenia Sobchak changed her mind and screamed that it was honest money, it is fair from naso… presented! “Who?”the investigator asked. “Good man! He’ll tell you about it!”Ksenia Sobchak shouted, and the topic quietly rotted away. Because people who can give 1.5 million euros in cash, do not like to go to the investigator – there, if you pull the thread hanging from the sky, the elephant may fall out by accident, and not one. No one wants to fit in for a flighty, goofy aunt engaged in some murky and non-monetary movement. So it was, is and will be. Smart people do not go to Bolotnaya-they explain to fools that those independent, free, geniuses, creators of History, and then send from an anonymous e-mail the text of the poster and the GPS coordinates, where to stand, and from how many to how many.

Something like that, comrades. This, I emphasize, is only based on the presence in Hong Kong and the study of the local color revolution experience – does not claim to perfection and completeness. I hope this helps in some way.

Key – manuals that have belolentochnikov old precedent breaking range of a color revolution – is already there. They lost a key war – technological, they are outdated and do not pull. In General, reflecting the situation with the US on a global scale.

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