России придется схватиться с американцами и турками на сирийской территории

“The firm helps the government and commercial customers solve their problems in the interests of the United States…” in the United States write a lot and talk about the so-called war in the Gray zone. If the traditional armed intervention is marked in black, and the conditional world in white, the war in the Gray zone (GZ) – the fighting that is conducted in the interval.In September 2015, the White book of the command of the us special operations forces entitled “Definition of the Gray zone”was published. In particular, it States: “the security Challenges posed by the GZ, in the absence of a formal state of war, present new challenges to American politics and interests in the twenty-first century. We have well-developed terminological dictionaries, doctrines, mental models to describe war and peace, but the many challenges posed by the GZ are difficult to categorize.”

They are, according to American researchers of the secret war, defined as a competitive interaction between and within States. It is “characterized by the complexity of the nature of the conflict, the secrecy of the parties involved, the uncertainty of the political mechanisms and the legal framework”.

Regarding the uncertainty of the legal basis of the war in the GZ, the dialogue at the hearings in the us Congress at the end of 2015 on the us campaign against ISIS (a banned organization in Russia) is indicative. Congressman R. Forbes asked the then Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff J. Danford: “you have heard the Minister of defence both in writing and verbally stating that we are in a state of war. Who declared this war?”. There was no clear answer. Official statements all the more.

According to the expert John. Nifela, the American leadership believes that after the terrorist attacks “9/11” the United States is at war, although it is not formally declared. Its legal basis was not fixed by an official statement of the Congress, which, however, in 2001 authorized the use of military force, which since then has been the justification for any military action by the US armed forces against the is.

The law permits the use of the army, but does not specify the specific location and level of use. Not named criteria to classify the fighting in a particular region to the category of armed conflict. It is unknown who is considered an ally of the Islamists, and who “moderate opposition”. In other words, the GCC is a war without norms and restrictions, which unleashes the us hands to commit any crimes.

According to Nifel, “the outdated binary model of’ war-peace ‘ can be discarded forever. Now we live in a Gray area. The American counter-terrorism campaign in Pakistan, conducted mainly with the help of drones, also provides for secret actions of armed mercenaries, such as Raymond Davis, carried out on the instructions of the special services.”

Wild geese and goats

This is a sensational story in its time. A former member of the us special operations forces with ten years of experience, Davis after his dismissal from the armed forces became a PMK mercenary, performing tasks under contracts with the CIA and the Pentagon. Spying and crossing the red line. In January 2011, he killed two Pakistan intelligence officers who were following him.

The media reported on the participation of Davis in subversive actions in the territory of this country, possibly associated with a wave of terrorist attacks, which resulted in the destabilization of the Central leadership. The authorities arrested and prosecuted 45 Pakistanis allied with Davis a permanent relationship. The subversive activities of 30 us citizens conducting covert operations in Pakistan were uncovered. However, by this time a large group of “quiet Americans” had already left the country.

Davis was taken under protection by the us President. Obama motivated this by the fact that “broader principles are at stake, which we must adhere to.” The state Department immediately demanded that Islamabad release Davis. Us national security adviser Tom Donilon told the Pakistani Ambassador that if he refused, he would lose his post. Sources in the Pakistani foreign Ministry reported that President Zardari categorically demanded the release of Davis. The murder happened in January, in March the American was released. The lawyer of relatives of the victims said that they were forced to agree with this decision.

It is known that Davis first worked in a private military company Blackwater, then moved to PMC Hyperion.

Pakistan’s interior Minister said after the scandal, ” No foreign security company will be allowed to work in Pakistan anymore.” This can be considered the official position of Islamabad. Former adviser to the Prime Minister for national security, General M. Durani, confirmed, referring to the leadership of the armed forces and intelligence: “the case of Davis concluded that foreign inclusion in the security sphere works exclusively against our vital national interests.”

In such circumstances, Pakistan has decided to leave the largest multinational military and security company G4S with headquarters in the United States and the UK. According to Reuters, it operates in 120 countries and employs 623,000 people. The number of G4S personnel on the territory of Pakistan at that time was 15 000 people, the majority – former military. However, there was information that the company leaves the country only in words. In fact, it will simply be re-registered as a citizen of Pakistan.

G4S became famous for a series of high-profile scandals

Omar Matin, the shooter who slaughtered the Orlando gay club, was an employee of this company. In 2013 and 2014, he was interrogated by the FBI on suspicion of links with terrorists, but the G4S did not pay any attention to it. The company has long enjoyed notoriety. It is known that its staff beat and raped detained migrants, held children in solitary confinement and tortured prisoners around the world.

American journalists specializing in the study of terrorism in the United States, came to the conclusion that mass murder in public places, as a rule, satisfied managed on the basis of the program MK-Ultra (mind control) arrows, which in the jargon of the security services called “scapegoats”. Complex research in this area was supervised by the CIA in cooperation with the Pentagon. They were customers of developments and suppliers of “human material” for experiments.

From the publications of American experts on terrorism, it is concluded that terror is carried out through mercenaries recruited and trained by the United States, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other countries, and is aimed at inciting fear among the population to force it to meekly agree to the transformation of America into a police state. And to make this regime the Foundation of an emerging global Empire.

An important part of the megamachine dealing with the problem of control and manipulation of consciousness, became Tavistock Institute in England. The expert in the field of communication D. Estulin in the book about this institution writes: “the Process of creating a new fascist political order, according to the Tavistock model, had to go through the following stages:

1. Destroy the existing constitutional and democratic institutions… The planned uprising of gangs and counter-gangs with the participation of police-controlled terrorist organizations creates a political environment in which the population will be more willing to tolerate or even demand the strengthening of the military police regime, that is, the creation of the police regime with a “democratic” face.

2. By overthrowing, killing, military intervention or “spontaneous” popular uprising to eliminate regimes that have ceased to be useful, and replace them with “democratic” governments. Appointed “democratic” rulers will be able to function only within the framework that will be established for them by representatives of supranational authorities.”

Terror is an effective means of manipulating mass consciousness and establishing a global fascist order with the full consent of the masses, exerting a powerful stressful effect. This topic was part of an experiment conducted by Brigadier General John Reese, head of the Tavistock Institute. L. Marcus in the magazine Campaign for April 1974, writes:

“If the controller is able to properly take advantage of the stressful situation, he will be able to encourage the victims on their own, “democratic” way to establish for themselves the very restrictions that the dictator would like to impose on them.” In this sense, the United States has become the main testing ground for technologies of aggressive manipulation of mass consciousness.

The terrorist attack “9/11” in the United States allowed the authorities to establish unprecedented restrictions in the field of rights and freedoms, which previously did not know American history. He was instrumental in the formation in the mass consciousness of the population of America the full support of the rate of suicide for his permanent global war.

Divide and conquer!

Any terrorist attack is designed to create a situation of stress, the benefits of which are derived by those who organized the attack. The answer to the question about Orlando, who benefits, leads to thinking about different interest groups. The famous American writer P. K. Roberts lists:

“This is beneficial to the anti-Islamic lobby and trump’s company, which offers to deport Muslims from the United States. This is beneficial to the lobby, advocating the prohibition of weapons. It is beneficial to the left that wish to present as the norm for gays and transgender people and after killing them awaken people’s sympathy for them. It’s in the hands of the spy industry and the police state, who want to keep an eye on everyone. This is in the hands of Washington’s foreign policy aimed at killing, which gets grounds for justifying its actions under the pretext: if you do not interfere, then Islamic children, look what they will do to us when they grow up. This is in the interest of the neoconservatives and the military complex, including the security sector, who need a war against Muslims, promoting their agenda and filling their wallets.”

There is an artificial fragmentation of the population into groups and the cultivation of differences between them: local residents – migrants, fascists – their opponents, LGBT homophobes… In parallel, they are set off, including with the help of provocations and terrorist attacks (such as Orlando), organized by us intelligence agencies with the help of PMCs.

Investigative journalist L.Wolf writes:

“The Nazi state was a product of the same financial and political circles that today control the so-called media and television. Forget about what you’re told on TV about the circumstances of Hitler’s rise to power: the path was cleared by the same oligarchs who are now paying brainwashers to create television programs. In the post-world war I period, the economic policies of this international elite contributed to the strengthening of Germany. Hitler’s Nazis were funded and supported as a political option, and then, in 1932-1933, they were helped to take power. In many ways, it would be right to view the Nazi period as an experiment in mass brainwashing and social control. This experiment was based on the desire to create a new world order…»
The fact that transnational PMCs are involved in mass killings and terrorist attacks is a well-known fact. In the tragedy in California’s San Bernardino in December 2015 featured another contractor of the Pentagon and the CIA-Craft International. As a result of the attack on the regional center for disabled people, 14 people were killed and 21 injured. During the shooting, police arrested suspects in the shooting Sayed Farouk and Tashfeen Malik. Police said they were connected to radical Islamists.

American expert on terrorism S. Kelly, who worked in the past under the contract for the CIA and the NSA, called the attack operation under a false flag and accused it of carrying out Craft International. In an interview with PressTV Kelly said:

“This is another episode in a long chain of operations under the false flag, which, I’m afraid, did not end… People who saw everything that was happening told that the shooters were three tall white men in black shirts, khaki pants and army boots. The description exactly coincides with the form of employees of PMC Craft International, who are involved in many operations under a false flag… The couple that was accused was radicalized, and there’s no doubt the NSA and the FBI were watching them the whole time. But instead of preventing them from committing a crime, they were raised specifically to be used for that purpose. They became scapegoats like so many others.”

Another terrorist attack, where there is a trace of PMCs Craft International, was committed during the Boston marathon. April 15, 2013 at the finish line two explosions, killing three people. On the night of April 19 in the suburbs of Boston, police detained a man suspected of committing a terrorist attack. It was Tamerlan tsarnaev. He, who did not resist, was wounded by the police, and soon he died in one of the local hospitals. His younger brother Johar was put on the wanted list. In the evening of the same day found it. During the arrest, he was wounded in the neck and lost the ability to speak. During the court hearings, Dzhokhar tsarnaev pleaded not guilty to any of the charges.

In the field of view of the media were at least five mercenaries in the form of Craft International with large backpacks behind him, who were in the area of the attack on the eve of the explosion. Fragments of the bag where the alleged explosive device, published by the FBI photos are identical to the material of the same backpacks.

By the way, the FBI, who arrested the Tsarnaev brothers, died after falling out of the helicopter during the “training session”. On the eve of the Boston marathon in strange circumstances was killed by the owner of Craft International Chris Kyle. Then, on may 22 during questioning by the FBI shot an acquaintance of Tamerlan Tsarnaev Ibrahim Todasheva.

As Colonel J. pointed out. Hanks, who held high positions in U.S. military intelligence and NATO intelligence agencies, “Boston is only one of five such cases in the United States. These things are definitely false flag operations, and I think it’s a lot more serious than you think.”

In his opinion, there is a split within the political and governmental structures of the United States, and the operation under the false flag in Boston was prepared and conducted under the leadership of intelligence agencies of global subordination. The American journalist John. Mazza notes that the CIA has fingerprints on the entire terrorist attack in Boston.

PMC – the shadow of the CIA

American publicist D. Lindorf writes about the relationship of PMCs Craft International with the Pentagon and the CIA: “Private military companies recruit personnel from the ranks of the American and foreign special operations forces, which are usually closely linked to the Pentagon and the CIA. Craft International is no exception.”

It is not surprising that the global Corporation G4S has strong ties with the American and British intelligence services. Its branch is the company Wackenhut, which maintains a particularly close relationship with the us government and especially with the security services. Its Board of Directors traditionally includes former heads of the Pentagon, the FBI and the CIA.

American expert J. Canoli in the work on “shadow CIA” noticed that the Wackenhut business “includes the protection of nuclear weapons and nuclear reactors, or oil pipelines in Alaska, US embassies… And the company at the time, organized a revolt in Venezuela.” On the question of what is the activity of PMCs, a former agent W. Hinsho said:”in the circles of our industry, everyone knows: if you need to do the dirty work, call Wackenhut.”

Berkmans, who worked in the CIA and in Wackenhut, after leaving this PMC told about the contract, according to which the Central intelligence Agency received permission to use the offices of PMC around the world as a cover for intelligence activities.

Terrorism expert W. Corbett, who was a CIA analyst, confirms this close connection: “for Years, Wackenhut has been involved in the activities of the CIA and other intelligence agencies. Wackenhut allowed the CIA to hold positions within the company to conduct covert operations under this roof. Wackenhut also extracted intelligence information and supplied intelligence data. For these services, she has received government orders for billions of dollars for years.”

U.S. intelligence officer S. Bennett, who worked under a contract with the largest private intelligence company – the main contractor of the CIA Booz Allen Hamilton, in an interview with the Common Sense Show accused the PMCs and the us defense Ministry that they are involved in secret operations to Finance terrorism through the Swiss Bank. Bennett with the help of the employee of the Bank Union Bank of Switzerland brad Birkenfeld managed to find and track the grandiose program of financing of terrorists of IG. It, along with the CIA and the NSA, included Swiss banks and PMCs Booz Allen Hamilton. Bennett considers is as a hybrid terrorist organization, artificially created by the CIA during a special operation.

Transnational PMCs and CRCs are called mercenaries of the shadow government in the United States, eager to power over the world of the global elite, which builds its global Empire on the ruins of the States destroyed by it. The main goal is to turn the world into a concentration camp. It is no coincidence that the official motto of Craft International is “Violence solves problems”.

Taking into account the above – mentioned transnational PMCs, we can conclude that they are the subjects of a secret war in the Gray zone in the interests of the world elite. The goal is the destabilization of States, their destruction and the creation of a global Empire on their ruins. The main target in this war was Russia, as the main obstacle in this way.

Offices of PMC Booz Allen Hamilton, G4S, Wackenhut are open and work in Moscow and St. Petersburg. They advise managers and provide services in a variety of areas – from the environment and the economy to nuclear and defense technologies, conduct investigations and organize the personal safety of their clients.

On the Russian site HeadHunter posted jobs with Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. From the description of the company’s activities: “the Firm helps the government and commercial customers to solve their most complex problems related to services in the field of strategy, operations, organization, transformation and information technology”.

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