Искусственно созданные «нации»

Artificial creation of never before existed Nations / peoples is very topical now, so let’s go (briefly) on this topic, let’s start with Europe:

Belgians — it is clear why and why such a ridiculous state formation as Belgium was created in 1830 (to weaken the Netherlands, just in case and at the same time not to give a piece of France — after the Napoleonic wars). The result-from a simplistic point of view, the Walloons go to the Flemish, but no one will fix the situation-Brussels is the capital of NATO and the EU.

Yugoslavs – the project failed, with stability around the people there still coexisted with each other, but in any external crisis — began with pleasure to cut each other. And this despite the fact that ethnic and language are one community (except for the Macedonians and Slovenes), but history has given them different religions and mentality … the Result-the country broke up.

Romanians-new (19 c.) the ethnic community of the walachs and Moldovans, administratively created during the unification of the country, has not fully developed to date, attempts to join the former continue moldavans.

Turks – not to be confused with the Ottomans (Imperial community 15-19 centuries)! Administrative created in the 1st half of the 20th century ethnic community (K. Ataturk: “anyone living in Turkey is a Turk!”), with the exception of the Kurds — formed (Armenians, Greeks, Jews and others overcooked).

the Italians – the new (19th century.) ethnic community of peoples of the Apennine Peninsula, administratively created in the period of unification of the country, is not fully developed to the present time, now there is the centrifugal tendency due to the large difference in the levels of life and mentality, due to the course of historical development.

Austrians – one of the few cases of isolation of community from the nation (usually-Association), due to historical and political reasons-preservation of Austria-Hungary during the unification of Germany and the fatal failures of the Germans on the world stage.

The Swiss should not be counted here — they, as a nation, have not developed — the form of Confederation allows such a symbiosis.

The Spaniards also were not included in the list — although the process of unification continued in the 20th, there we are talking about residual processes of ethnogenesis (of course not including Bisconti and exitance — the last, at least for now!)

Also, there is no here and the Germans — this is, of course, great people, something is not always enough, will write about it today a little more, separately…

Nations created in Asia

In Asia, we have Pakistanis (and after 1971, probably, Bangladeshis -?!), on the basis of Javanese-Indonesians, Malaysians (conglomerate of tribes)…

In Africa, the processes of ethnogenesis, rudely interrupted by European colonizers will still be actively going — as usual with millions of victims, so even from the outside threw Liberians!

There are amazing things in Latin America – for example Argentina and Uruguay failed to unite in one state, despite the ethnic and historical identity (with the exception of details), a kaleidoscope of small Central American countries also raises questions about external intervention. It is interesting to consider the processes there together with the ethnogenesis of the Spaniards.

Brazil – in General, a separate planet and then you can go to another phenomenon-supranational communities, which can be attributed, in addition to the mentioned Yugoslavs and Brazilians:

Americans – project in development.

the Soviet people – the project failed.

Russians – a dead-end project, because it leaves behind Russian borders of the Russian Federation, freezes the unequal position of Russians in the country (there are no administrative-territorial units, there are no de facto recognized by the authorities of “diasporas”, there is no consolidation and binding of the historical roots of the people in the Constitution, etc.).

It is impossible not to recall the Republic of the former USSR, I will not stir up the Muslim Republic-reluctance to deal with the Kyrgyz-Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Azerbaijanis-Tatars, etc., remember:

Georgians – artificial unification of local nationalities

– and the most godly and inhuman invention-the so-called “Ukrainians” – the Austro-Hungarian project of the split of the Russian people, territorially decorated by the Germans of the Brest world, for tactical reasons, supported by the Bolsheviks during the Civil war, then, during the stabilization of the situation left to chance and left after 1991, now this project has moved into an active and bloody phase…

It is clear that such processes, if they are launched, can have tragic consequences for States and entire regions, the problem is that these are not special operations-they work slowly, therefore they can only be used by the established world forces with their established ideology, system of values, clear goals and strict, strong-willed leadership…

Ethnographic map of Europe


At the same time, overcoming the division and consequences of such ethnic sabotage will allow us to regain our natural place in the world.

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