Битва за Африку: за что Запад убил Каддафи?

A sensational interview was given the other day by the cousin of the deceased Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. The cousin of the head of the Jamahiriya spoke frankly about the plans of his murdered relative and why the West could not allow their implementation and even went to military intervention, only to thwart the plans of one of the greatest African dreamers. After all, if Gaddafi realized what he planned, all the prosperity of the West right before our eyes could begin to turn into a puff.

The world’s pantry of resources could get out of control of the West

Against the background of many other African and middle Eastern autocrats, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi could safely be considered a very moderate and civilized secular leader. To compare him with those who came to replace him, is like comparing a Professor of Oxford with podajnikiem, a criminal, a drug addict. Nevertheless, the West, in order to throw it off, went to a military intervention contrary to international law, even though it quite expectedly led to a monstrous lawlessness in North Africa and the storming of Europe’s borders by crowds of migrants. Americans are not so touched by these consequences (except for the murder of their diplomats in Benghazi), but the Europeans also got into this adventure. What for?

Their motives and revealed the other day a cousin of Muammar Gaddafi, Ahmed Gaddafi al-Dam:

Quote: the West saw Gaddafi leading the struggle for the liberation of the entire African continent and the expulsion of colonial countries from Africa. He wanted to achieve the unity of African countries, to turn the continent into the United States of Africa.

Ahmed Gaddafi al-Dam: according to a relative of the deceased Libyan leader, the Western elites were concerned, in particular, the initiative of Gaddafi to create a single African currency. Gaddafi’s ideas first on the creation and then on the development of the African Union forced politicians and businessmen from Europe and America to look at the head of the Jamahiriya as a threat.


But what were they afraid of? Recently, Gaddafi did not threaten Europe, but, on the contrary, restrained the flow of migrants rushing into it, although he demanded money from Europeans to strengthen border protection. So why should Europeans or Americans care about what is happening “far away” on another continent? The fact is that in Africa, as in some other regions of the “third world”, the financial well-being of the “Golden billion”, Western civilization, is being forged.

Quote: the Liberation, unification and education of Africans is fraught with the fact that they can begin to ask for the full with Western corporations exporting abroad for a song of their national wealth.

Africa ranks first in the world in reserves of gold, diamonds, platinum, manganese, bauxite, chromium, vanadium, cobalt; the second – uranium, copper, beryllium, antimony. There are also huge deposits of mercury, iron, titanium, Nickel, tin, tungsten.

Congo is home to 80% of the world’s tantalite deposits required for mobile phones. African oil and gas deposits have not yet been realistically assessed. Experts do not exclude the presence of undiscovered reserves of “black gold” in southern Sudan, comparable to those held by Saudi Arabia. In addition, Africa is a major supplier of agricultural products to the markets of Western countries at bargain prices.

At one time, the Europeans took on the Black continent everything they saw fit without demand. Africa was almost entirely in the colonial possession of great Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Spain.

However, when after the end of the Second world war, largely under Soviet influence, the inhabitants of the Black continent declared their rights and won their freedom, had to act thinner. Yesterday’s owners of colonies turned into military-political partners and investors. But the essence remains the same-shameless robbery. And that local suddenly decided not to interfere with the white gentlemen to Rob them, Western governments and corporations provoke in Africa, civil and interstate wars, bloody coups.

Quote: the civil war in the Congo alone has claimed up to 10 million lives, becoming the bloodiest conflict in the world since the end of the Second world war. While locals are fighting out in full an illegal export tantalite for Cobatt (USA), H. C. Starck (Germany), Ningxia (China).

Wars regularly break out in the newly created southern Sudan. It is simply very important for Western countries not to allow China to conduct an oil pipeline to the Indian ocean. While the people of the Congo died from enemy bullets and machetes and died of hunger, the dictator of the country Mobutu CECE SECO, who ruled with the support of Europeans (in particular, the French and Belgians), accumulated about 5 billion dollars in accounts in the Swiss Bank.

Monopoly of the West in Africa trying to break China and India

French NGOs are also lobbying Paris ‘ interests in the former colonies. Where they work, coups are being actively carried out.

When and it does not help, in the course are the troops. The agreements of France with the puppet regimes in the sphere of defense allowed to control the troops of supposedly sovereign countries and to create French military bases in côte d’ivoire, Gabon, Chad, Senegal.

After the next use of military force by the French in Africa, a group of Cameroonian politicians issued the following statement on the Internet: according to the appeal of Ivorian politicians:

Quote: “a new colonial war is beginning in côte d’ivoire. The country is playing a tragedy conceived by Nicolas Sarkozy and the so-called world community. This is a real criminal offence, the implementation of a long-conceived plan for the new colonization of Africa. They need our precious wood again, our coffee, our cocoa, our uranium, our oil.”

Of the approximately 17,000 French troops stationed outside France, almost 10,000 are in Africa. The USA is a partner and at the same time a competitor of France in Africa. In 2008, a separate African command of the American army was established. French and American oil companies compete for jobs in Gabon, Congo and Angola.

However, in recent years, the Americans and the French on the Black continent began to become cramped. Pro – visionary and active Chinese strengthen their presence in Africa: they give Africans huge loans on favorable terms, which are then spent on Chinese goods, invest, creating jobs for their own compatriots, allocate huge grants for the training of African youth-both at home and in China.

Geopolitical battle in " Black Africa"


India is competing with China and Western countries at the same time. New Delhi’s policy is less aggressive and therefore less conspicuous, but that does not make it any less effective.

According to experts, Africa has experienced more than 100 coups d’état, more than ten cases of genocide and episodes of mass terror in the last half – century alone, with the help of external forces. In order for someone in Europe to crunch a croissant in the morning and admire the smoothly trimmed lawn in front of a house bought on credit, millions of people are killed on the Black continent.

“Burden of the white man” on The black continent

At one time, Africa was significantly ahead of barbaric Europe in its civilizational development. Even in the Middle ages there were huge prosperous States, with cities that outnumbered most of the European capitals. However, the bloodthirstiness of the European and middle Eastern conquerors, coupled with the active promotion of the slave trade, did their dirty work. The once-powerful States become powerless colonies (and neo – colony), critically lags behind in science and technology from the metropolis.

Attempts by Africans to relieve oppression and develop on their own usually ended in tears. For example, Patrice Lumumba was killed, dismembered and dissolved in acid for an attempt to rid the Congo of neocolonial dependence on the initiative of the British special services.

However, as the growing influence of Libya in the world was growing and the chances for the liberation of Africa. Gaddafi was a powerful leader, and Libya – a rich country that can afford major projects.

Quote: the Implementation of the idea of a single African Union with a single currency and led by secular Libya could lead to the fact that Europeans and Americans would have to pay a fair price for all that they take out of Africa, and this would immediately affect the quality of life in the West.

On such they could not go. Gaddafi was brutally murdered, and Africa was politically set back decades.

Western leaders are not averse to turning Russia and the entire post-Soviet space into A black continent, but they are too tough to do it. Russians have a vested interest in ensuring that the distribution of benefits in the world is as fair as possible and at prices that correspond to reality. The lack of the ability to parasitize on someone or something will be a real disaster for the West.

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